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In today’s episode I talk to Susan from the U.S.A who shares how she lived in Mexico and started her own polo and yoga retreat. She plays polo and shares with us the benefits yoga has for horse riders. Susan also shares an adventurous story with us about the time she got stranded in Fiji during a coup! So listen up, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

Our Guest today:

Susan Wise (U.S.A)

Where you can find Susan and join her in Mexico:

Website: poloandyoga.com
Instagram: poloandyoga


  • Polo Riding in Mexico for all levels!
  • Horse riding vacations in Mexico
  • The benefits of Yoga for horse riders



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  • Women’s International Polo Organization
    The Women’s International Polo Network (WIPN) is an international network of women polo players with detailed player profiles and a comprehensive global calendar of women’s tournaments.
  • Work to Ride
    Work to Ride provides activities that promote discipline, self-esteem, motivation, social development, life skills, academic achievement and physical fitness through year round programs that encourage long term participation.
  • United States Polo Association
    The United States Polo Association is the official governing body of polo in the United States.

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