EQA Podcast Ep 6 Albania

Fellow adventuress Ashley shares her quest to cycle across Europe with her boyfriend. They agree to a pitstop in Albania and go on a horse trek unlike any other. They purchase three horses and embark on a cross country horse expedition in unchartered territories. Relying on the local hospitality of the Albanians and tackling some truly off-the-beaten-path places on horseback makes this an episode you’re not going to want to miss!

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Our Guest today:

Ashley Parsons (U.S.A.)

Where you can find Ashley and follow her adventurous journey from France to Indonesia:

Website: enselle.voyage
Instagram: enselle.voyage


  • Albanian hospitality and horse culture
  • Buying and selling horses in Albania
  • Temporarily importing a saddle to Albania
  • How to plan your route
  • Incredibly useful book tips (see Resources)
  • Bicycling across Europe

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Disclaimer: Some links below may be “affiliates” which means we get a small commission if you purchase something via these links. This causes extra cost to you. The commission goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of this site.

  • Book: Techniques du voyage à cheval by Emile Brager
    The book “Horse Riding Techniques” is for those who go on horseback for several days, months, or even years.
  • Book: Land of Eagles: Riding through Europe’s Forgotten Country by Robin Hanbury-Tenison
    Albania is the least-known and least developed country in Europe. It has a long, rich and troubled past, characterised by unrest and isolationism. Today, very little is known of its people – beyond those who have emigrated to other countries in Europe – and its landscapes have remained virtually untravelled for centuries. Determined to discover the country behind the stereotypes and preconceptions, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and his wife Louella rode across Albania, from Thethi in the north to the border with Greece in the south.
  • The Long Rider’s Guild
    “The Long Riders’ Guild is the world’s first international association of equestrian explorers, and is an invitation-only organisation. It was formed in 1994 to represent men and women of all nations who have ridden more than 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey.”

Even More Stuff to Read!

The following two books weren’t mentioned by Ashley in the Podcast, but she highly recommends reading them to prepare for your own horse expeditions:

  • Horse Packing: A Manual of Pack Transportation by Charles Johnson Post
  • Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails by Joe Back
    Written in the language of the West, this is a complete and often humorous presentation of packing horses into the wilderness. Amplified by the beautiful, often witty drawings, Back includes step-by-step instructions on preparing for wilderness trips and also how to cope with the elements.

And if you still crave for more information and inspiration, then have a look at our Horse Travel Book List! This list also includes our FREE download “Horse Riding in Every Country”: a 72 page catalog with over 400+ stable listings in over 180+ countries around the world!

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