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Fellow adventuress Emma shares her amazing adventures spear fishing and surviving on a remote island in Ireland training horses at liberty. Her adventures didn’t stop there, she also took two untrained horses in Scotland and covered 100 miles with them, training them to be ridden at liberty along the way. She also recently returned from Europe where she loaded up two adorable shetlands in the back of her tricycle and peddled around Europe bringing smiles to people’s faces. Emma embraces the true meaning of being an Equestrian Adventuress and the stories and advice she gives in this episode is priceless!

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Our Guest today:

Emma Massingale (U.K.)

Where you can find Emma and follow her adventurous life as well as watch her films:

Website: emmamassingale.com
Facebook: emmamassingale


  • Training horses at liberty
  • Surviving on an island in Ireland and training horses at liberty
  • Spearfishing to survive
  • Crossing 100 miles of Scotland with two untrained horses and training them to be ridden at liberty along the way
  • Bicycling across Europe with two shetlands and a tricycle to make people smile!

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Krystal Kelly is a California girl on a Quest to see every country. She is a professional equestrian adventuress and has worked internationally with horses since 2010. Since then she has worked at professional competition and riding stables in Egypt, Italy, Romania, India and Bhutan! "I love travelling and I love horses and I am very blessed to be able to do both of my passions for a living!" She now has her own company, Krys Kolumbus Travel where she strives to empower women to travel and provides resources, tips and online courses to encourage women to travel SOLO to unique destinations. www.kryskolumbustravel.com www.krystal-kelly.com

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