EQA Podcast Ep 9 South Africa

One adventuress shares her stories traveling and working abroad with horses including how she started her own riding tourism business in the USA to bring groups to South Africa to ride with the Big Five. She shares stories about getting robbed in Johannesburg, riding with lions and adventures in the bush.

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Our Guest today:

Adrienne Rubin (USA)

Where you can find Adrienne and follow her adventures in Africa:

Website: equescapes.com
Instagram: equescapes
Facebook: equescapes


  • Getting robbed in Johannesburg
  • Tips for Safaris on Horseback, like “don’t fall off in front of a lion!”
  • How to create a riding tourism business to encourage people to travel
  • Namibian Warmbloods
  • A Magical Riding Experience at Night

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Pinterest podcast photo - Ep 9 Robbed in South Africa & Riding on Safari with the Big 5: One Adventuress shares her stories and adventures living in South Africa working in equestrian tourism.
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