EQA Podcast Ep 10 Argentina

One adventuress shares her stories traveling to the end of the world on horseback. Her destination: Peninsula Mitre, the Eastern part of La Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina. Listen to her talking about this incredible adventure including how she met penguins and a wild herd of horses on the way. She shares stories about the Argentinian gauchos, mysterious shipwrecks and timing the rides according to the tides.

Riding to the End of the World in Argentina

Riding with Penguins, Wild Horses, Gauchos, Shipwrecks & Timing the Sea Tides on Horseback!

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Our Guest today:

Gosia Ostachowicz (Poland)

Where you can find Gosia and follow her adventures:

Facebook: sealtravels


  • Timing the rides according to the tides of the sea
  • Gaucho culture and the Criollo Horses
  • Conservation of the Mitre Peninsula
  • Shipwrecks and some fun facts about the “End of the World”
  • Unique wildlife, including herds of wild horses and penguins

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