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Karen went on an amazing adventure with her deaf dog and her troublesome horse across 13 islands completely unsupported. She shares how her crazy rescue horse was downright dangerous and it was actually suggested by a vet to have her put down. When Karen came up with the idea at this last attempt to win her horse over. We talk about her book “The Deaf, The Daft and The Ditsy” and how Karen raised 6,500 GBP for charity all thanks to her story about traveling with her horse.

Unsupported Horse Riding Around the Outer Hebrides in Scotland

Karen’s Adventure with her Deaf Dog and her “Dangerous Horse”

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Our Guest today:

Karen Inkster (U.K.)

Where you can find Karen and follow her adventures:

Facebook: The Deaf, the Daft and the Ditsy

"The deaf, the daft and the ditsy" (Pip, Karen and Connie) had a unique adventure horseback riding in Scotland. Not only did they create a special bond, but also they raised 6,500 GBP for charity
From the left: the deaf, the daft and the ditsy (Pip, Karen and Connie). Photo credits: Craig Cantwell Photography


  • Unsupported long distance horse riding tips
  • What to pack for a horse riding adventure
  • Exploring the Outer Hebrides in Scotland
  • Being alone on an uninhabited island with your horse
  • Whether or not to bring your dog on a horse riding excursion
  • How Karen raised 6,500 GBP for charity

Special Announcement

The Equestrian Adventuresses Fund

We are happy to announce that this month we have raised, thanks to our listeners 50 USD to put towards our EQA fund, where our mission is to get women in the saddle. Unfortunately, in many countries horse riding is still seen as a male-dominated sport. So with this month’s money, we are asking our listeners to send us their nominations for women and girls who could use the money for riding lessons or educational horse books or anything just like this. So please, if you know someone you want to nominate or if you want to contribute to next month’s fundraiser, please check out our Patreon page and find out how you can support EQA and get more women around the world in the saddle.

Also anytime you shop on our EQA website, for example our equestrian woman bracelet or our online video courses, a percentage of the profits automatically go to the EQA fund. So don’t worry, you can shop along absolutely guilt-free.


  • Book: “The Deaf, the Daft and the Ditsy”
    Karen’s book is self published and available for purchase via the linked Facebook Page. Proceeds go to charity.

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horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 11 Unsupported Horse Riding Around the Outer Hebrides in Scotland: Karen's Adventure with her Deaf Dog and her "Dangerous Horse"
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