Equestrian Podcast Ep 12 Riding Horses in Australia & Riding Horses Across the USA

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In this episode we talk to Jodie Morton about her long distance horseback riding adventures 1,000 kilometers across Australia and another 1,000 kilometers across the USA! She shares her expert advice for riding the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the USA. Her stories and horse travel tales are sure to leave you thirsting for some adventures of your own so listen up!

Over 2,000 Kilometers on Horseback: Long Distance Horse Travel Across Australia and the USA

Jodie’s adventures on the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail in the USA

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Our Guest today:

Jodie Morton (Australia)

Where you can find Jodie and follow her adventures:

Instagram: greengoldandblues
Website: greengoldandblues.com

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Equestrian Adventuress Jodie Morton is trail riding in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado with her horse all packed up and her dog joining her
Jodi Morton – ready for adventure in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado.
Photo credits: Alayna Parker


  • Choosing between corporate career and horses
  • Trail riding on the Bicentennial Trail in Australia
  • How to organise, transport and ration food and horse feed
  • Trail riding on the Continental Divide Trail in the USA
  • How to convince your mom to not get eaten by bears
  • “The fastest way to gain faith in humanity is to go on a trail like this”
  • What comes next?

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Jodie’s Fundraisers

  • Jodie is supporting Beyond Blue.
    Beyond Blue’s vision is for all people in Australia to achieve their best possible mental health.
  • Jodie is also supporting NAMI.
    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) envisions a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares.

And All the Other Relevant Stuff

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  • Bicentennial Trail (BNT)
    “Australia’s premier long distance trekking route for the self reliant trekker stretches an incredible 5330 kilometres from Cooktown to Healesville.”
    Jodie used the official guidebooks for the BNT. Don’t forget to reach out to the section coordinators to plan your trail.
  • Guthook Guide App
    Jodie used this app to navigate the Continental Divide Trail. It features “world-class hikes, wilderness regions, and trails from all over the world.”
  • Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC)
    The Continental Divide Trail Coalition offers information and resources to explore and plan your own adventure on the trail. They offer the CDT Planning Guide book as a free PDF download. Furthermore “CDTC is a membership organization working to building a strong community of supporters who want to see the CDT protected not just for today’s users, but for generations to come.”
  • Continental Divide Trail Society
    “The mission of the Continental Divide Trail Society is to help in the planning, development, and maintenance of the CDT as a silent trail and to assist users plan and enjoy their experiences along the route.” They also offer CDT-guidebooks and maps in their shop.
  • Jodie’s favorite boots: Ariat Ropers

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horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 12 Over 2,000 kilometers on horseback: Long Distance Horse Travel Across Australia and the USA: Jodie's adventures on the Bicentennial Trail in Australia as well as the Continental Divide Trail in the USA
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