EQA Podcast Ep 14 Kenya on Horseback & Growing up as an Expat

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We interview Susannah from Denmark who grew up as an expat in multiple countries. Her childhood love of Kenya and learning to ride horses in exotic countries never diminished as she grew older and moved to the USA. She pursued a career as an equestrian writer and novelist and shares her advice as a writer. She also shares how she dealt with the death of a loved one by traveling to Kenya on an african horse safari. For all the solo traveling women who’ve faced difficulties head on, this motivational and inspirational episode will warm the heart.

Kenya on Horseback & Growing up as an Expat

How a Horse Riding Safari in Kenya changed a Woman’s Life

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Our Guest today:

Susannah Cord (Denmark)

Where you can find Susannah and follow her adventures:

Website: susannahcord.com

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  • Living as an expat as a child and learning to ride in exotic destinations
  • Dealing with tragedy while solo traveling
  • Horseback riding on an African Safari in Kenya
  • Working as a traveling Equestrian Writer

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  • Each Wind That Blows
    Author and horsewoman Susannah Cord returns to Kenya after a thirty year absence. A horseback safari across the famed game reserve, Maasai Mara, draws her back to the land that gave birth to her most cherished childhood memories. Susannah soon finds there is much more in store for her than just an exciting holiday.
  • Riding by Torchlight
    This is a collection of editorials and stories written during the tumultuous recent history of modern dressage. Susannah West Cord covers a wide range of topics from rehabilitating a retired racehorse, to the Rollkur controversy haunting the competitive world of dressage, to thoughtful essays on classical horsemanship.

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horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 14 Kenya on Horseback & Growing up as an Expat: How a horse riding safari in Kenya changed a woman's life
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