EQA Podcast Ep 15 Race the Wild Coast South Africa & the Mongol Derby

Fellow adventuress, Sarah, shares her experiences riding in the Mongol Derby and the challenges and difficulties she faced. She also shares her remarkable stories of competing in the inaugural race across the wild south african horse over 350 kilometers with a team of 3 endurance horses. You’ll learn what it’s like swimming with horses, riding alongside dangerous cliffs and what it takes to tackle some of the most challenging horse races in the world.


Race the Wild Coast South Africa & the Mongol Derby

What it takes to tackle some of the world’s most challenging horse races in the world

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Our Guest today:

Sarah Cuthbertson (Canada)

Where you can find Sarah and follow her adventures:

Instagram: equestriancyborg
Instagram: ridelikeanathlete
Facebook Group: Ride like an Athlete

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During the endurance competition "Race the Wild Coast", Sarah has to cross a river on her horse in South Africa
Sarah crossing a river competing in “Race the Wild Coast”. Photo Credits: Rocket Horse Racing


  • How Sarah helped our host, Krystal, finish the Mongol Derby
  • Horses and Helicopters
  • Swimming with Horses and Sharks
  • Riding through the most incredible landscape on South Africa’s Coast

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horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 15 Race the Wild Coast South Africa & the Mongol Derby: What it takes to tackle some of the world's most challenging horse races in the world
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