A Hidden Gem: Horse Riding in Slovenia

Climbing on the top of a mountain during horse riding in Slovenia.

The team of Equestrian Adventuresses travels the world to film a documentary-series about women empowerment, horses, travel and adventure. So it’s no coincidence that they found themselves horse riding in Slovenia for the next stop in the film tour! As Adventuress Krystal would soon learn, Slovenia is a hidden gem tucked away in Europe. And what better way to discover such a unique and special country than a horseback adventure with fellow adventuresses! So travel with us to Slovenia where you will meet the man behind it all, Borut from Horses on Breg.

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Author: Krystal Kelly

Searching for the “Special Places”

On my mission to see every country in the world, I of course had Slovenia on my radar. When the opportunity arose to ride horses in this magical country, I didn’t hesitate before jumping on the next flight. Luckily for me I had a group of adventuresses joining me on the expedition and I was excited to share this trip with others. 

I had first started my equestrian travels in 2010 when I left my home in California for good. I never looked back as I began working full time as a professional coach and trainer at various high level show jumping facilities around the world. Part of me was drawn to the idea of staying in Europe and pursuing my goal of one-day riding in the Olympics. The other part of me wanted to explore exotic cultures in foreign lands. 

Predjama Castle near Postojna in Slovenia. It was featured in the epic Jackie Chan movie "Armour of God" from 1986.
Don’t forget to visit Predjama Castle near Postojna. For movie nerds: It was featured in the epic Jackie Chan movie “Armour of God” from 1986. Photo Credits: Equestrian Adventuresses

To combine the two loves I often found myself working at top show jumping stables in “unique countries”. I was addicted to living off-the-grid. Calling home to places many of my American friends had never heard of, much less could point out on a map. 

Landing in Slovenia, with my husband-slash-Equestrian Adventuresses official cameraman, Christian beside me, I felt a wave of calm hit me. There was something special about this place. I could feel it.

Meeting the Brains behind Horses on Breg

Borut had started Horses on Breg three years earlier. He always loved horses and was passionate about his country. So it seemed only natural to combine his two passions together and offer horse riding in Slovenia. If there is a better way to see a country other than between two ears, I have yet to discover it.

Things quickly began picking up for Borut and soon he had group after group attending his horse riding tours in Slovenia. They enjoyed galloping in the snow in the winter and the idyllic villages and stunning views in the summer. 

a man puts a lost horse shoe back on to continue a horse riding tour in Slovenia
Borut is always prepared. Here he’s putting a lost shoe back on. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

“That’s the great thing about Slovenia,” says Borut. “You’re never bored. Every day is different. We have caves, churches, mountains, forests, rivers, fields, castles… all can be seen from the back of the horse. Therefore, you can come in the spring and come again in the winter and feel like you’ve been to two totally different places.”

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The Equestrian Adventuresses Tribe Goes Global

Joining Christian and I on this trip were a group of equestrian adventuresses from a variety of places. We had Sarah and Julie joining us from the USA and Famous Instagramer, Emma from New Zealand, who has been residing in London for several years now. Also attending was professional equine photographer, Aga Karmol as well as her husband Andrzej from Poland (also living in the UK.) 

a quarter horse with trail riding gear in Slovenia
One of the reliable quarter horses at “Horses on Breg”, a tour operator for horse riding in Slovenia. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

I met everyone at the adorable hotel-slash-pub-slash-restaurant in a small village not to far from the stables. We would be staying here for the next 5 days and we settled in quickly. Blooming flowers hung delicately from the medieval-styled lattice windows. The church bell rang in the distance. It was like stepping back in time.

After lunch – and some traditional homemade schnapps, as was the custom in Slovenia – we headed to the stables. We would be riding western here, something I didn’t see since leaving the USA ten years ago. Most of us rode Quarter horses. Only Julie and Sarah were on the Icelandic horses, one of them fittingly named “magic carpet”. Emma ended up with an Anglo-Arabian mare whom she adored, especially when it came time to canter and gallop. 

Since Aga and Christian rotated between filming and photographing the adventure, they took turns between riding in the support vehicle and riding on horses. 

Our First Impressions of Slovenia

We headed out on the trail and began winding our way through the village towards our first stop. Our horses climbed the path as we headed higher and higher, winding our way to the top. We passed cows wearing bells and for a second I thought life couldn’t be any better… until we rounded the corner and I realized it was going to get A LOT better. 

Climbing on the top of a mountain during horse riding in Slovenia.
On top of the world. Photo credits: Equestrian Adventuresses

The church was perched on the top of the hill. The view from our vantage point completely took my breath away. We dismounted and left our horses to graze casually while we soaked in the moment. From the top of the mountain we could see the clear blue sky and miles and miles into the distance. 

The horses were obviously used to the varied terrain and hadn’t even broken a sweat. After some time exploring the church we mounted up and headed back to the village for some lunch (and more schnapps.) 

The food in Slovenia was hot and delicious, perfect after a day in the saddle. It was the typical European comfort food I had grown accustomed too, goulash – a dish with meat, gravy and more meat. 

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Of Horses and Dragons in Slovenia

The mixture of cultures and backgrounds from every person in our troupe added for very interesting meal-time conversations. So Andrzej and Borut began their “who has the biggest dragons” banter between Poland and Slovenia which would continue throughout the trip. 

“It was a Shepard from Poland that went into the cave and killed the dragon,” chimed Andrzej. 

“No, it was a leather-maker from Slovenia that killed the dragon in the cave!” Borut laughed. 

A wolf dog, who is accompanying the tour group in Slovenia
Always having an eye on the group, the wolf dog “Shia”. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

Megi, our Slovenian guide for the ride, whispered to the rest of us, “In Slovenia we have the ‘human fish’ in our caves. It is a long white, blind creature that only exists in this part of the world. Long ago when the local people went into the caves and found these creatures which could swim and also walk on land. Back then they believed them to be Dragon-Babies. That is why there are so many stories and legends about dragons here.” 

Horse Riding through Caves and Castles in Slovenia

The next day we began our ride in the forest. Soon the daylight in the trees began to emerge and we found ourselves riding along a steep rock face at the bottom of a cliff. We looked up at the colorful stone that shadowed our group and before we knew it our horse’s hooves were echoing in the rock face. The tunnel grew dark as we walked casually towards the light from the other side. Meanwhile our horses were completely unphased by the sound of the thundering hooves bouncing back and forth around us. Once again I felt completely taken off guard by the beauty of this country. 

After a canter through the forest and into the meadow we eventually came to an old, forgotten castle. Not only were there no other people in site, but it was clear from the peacefulness of the place that this was a spot for the locals—not tourists—to come and enjoy nature. We dismounted and settled in, resting in the grass and taking swigs from our water bottles which we carried in our saddle bags.

A horse rider admires an abandoned castle in Slovenia
One of the guides, Megi, admires an abandoned castle. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

The green vines wrapped around the castle walls, leaving an impressive and beautiful affect. The tower had been recently refurbished and was obviously loved, though seemingly forgotten, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the “rest of the world.”

Borut and Christian sat with us while we rested. We began complimenting him and praising him on the beauty of the trails, but he simply shook his head. He had a big grin on his face, as if hinting to us that this was only just the beginning. 

Riding Horses in Thunderstorms 

The next day would be a day that would go down in riding history for me. I had encountered sandstorms while riding in Egypt, survived riding with the humidity famous in India, and had even experienced a hailstorm while galloping on the steppes in Mongolia… but what was about to happen while horse riding in Slovenia was entirely new for me.

horse riders in Slovenia waiting for the storm to come
The storm is coming.. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

The lightning flashed in the distance as the thunder roared above us. Our ride that morning had been through one of the villages. The locals weren’t shy to invite the passing group of horse riders in for a shot of homemade schnapps, an offer Borut never refused. 

Half drunk from excitement and drunk from… well, schnapps, we wound our way up the streets as we headed for another castle in the city. Once again we left our horses with our two guides for the day, Borut and Megi as we we stormed the castle. The view from the tower above was unbelievable, especially with the storm clouds rumbling in the distance. 

Does He Really Have Super Powers?

“I think we’re going to get wet,” I tell Christian as I tighten my riding helmet and adjust my rain poncho. Although the thunder had been following us all day, we didn’t get any form of rain yet. I started to wonder if Borut had some kind of super powers from his military training… 

Riders on a horse riding tour in Slovenia
On the trail. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

We hopped on our steeds and rode out of the village back into the meadows. Lightning flashed again ahead of us. The canopy of trees peppered the distance as we aimed for the forest. I felt my heart pumping as we walked through the empty meadow. The horses hoof beats in rhythm with the thunderclouds above, I never felt more exposed. 

I could tell the rest of the group felt it too, after all, we usually only stopped talking during our moments of gallop. But not today. Not now. We silently rode forward, seeking shelter in the trees just as the rain began to pour. 

Horse Riding in Slovenia – An Unforgettable Adventure

“How does he do it?” I pondered Borut’s impeccable timing once again as we arrived at our lunch destination in the knick of time. We stepped in the warmth of the restaurant for our hot lunch and I enjoyed a hot cocoa instead of a schnapps…(Shhh!)

Horse riders in Slovenia look over the land from a mountain top in Slovenia
Yet another amazing panorama view. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

Horse riding in Slovenia with the thunder was the highlight of my trip. I felt on top of the world as the group returned to their talkative, laughing selves. Additionally, the rain magically stopped after we finished our hot meal and returned to our horses. 

The ride wasn’t over yet and we carried on in sunshine for the rest of the day. Each of us was stripping off our layers as if the storm had never even occurred. 

a sunset at the horse stables
Sunset. Photo credits: Equestrian Adventuresses

I couldn’t believe our trip was drawing to an end. We had seen so much in so little time. We tracked bears, explored castles and caves, rode fabulous horses and best of all, we did it together. Because the best part of being an Equestrian Adventuress is the fact that no matter where you’re from or where you’re heading, you can always count on the friendships you build and the memories you make to be with you forever. 

See It With Your Own Eyes And Go Horse Riding in Slovenia

If you want to learn more about horse riding in Slovenia or book the tour yourself, then go to the Horses on Breg website! You won’t believe how amazing this country is until you saw it with your own eyes.

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