EQA Podcast Ep 19 The Calgary Stampede & Horses in India

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In today’s episode I talk with Heather from Canada and Ute, a German living in India. Both Equestrian Adventuresses living on different sides of the planet, share with us their experiences traveling and living in a foreign country. Heather tells us more about the Calgary Stampede, an event which she has participated in and Ute talks about her life with horses in India and how she tries to bring more women into horse riding. Stay to the end for an exciting announcement!

The Calgary Stampede & Horses in India

Interview with Heather from Canada and Ute from India

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Our Guest today:

Heather Calvert (Canada) and Ute Tonia (India)

Where you can find Ute and follow her adventures:

Website: princesstrails.com

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  • Find out what it’s like to travel the world with the Calgary Stampede
  • Learn about a fun horse riding trip to Japan at the age of 17
  • We discuss what it’s like starting an equestrian business in India as a woman
  • Learn some fun facts about Marwari horses

Special Announcement

We are extremely happy to announce that our fellow horse lovers Heather and Ute take over the Equestrian Adventuresses podcast. So be prepared to hear more exciting and fun stories from them and their future guests. As you might already know, our goal is to make your favourite horse podcast even better!

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!


Thanks for listening to our horse podcast for Equestrian Adventuresses!

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