EQA Podcast Ep 20 Marriage Proposals in Egypt & Adventures in a Rally Car

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Today is a special episode, as we got the rare chance of interviewing Krystal Kelly, FEI II coach and founder of Equestrian Adventuresses. Krystal is always busy and planning new activities for the EQA community whether it is her book series or films about horse travel in different countries. So here she is, finally talking about herself and her incredible life. You will learn how she grew up and started her professional journey with horses, how she went abroad the first time. Find out how she finally had the idea to form a group of women for women to help each other reaching our goals and dreams instead of always getting pulled back.

Marriage Proposals in Egypt & Adventures in a Rally Car

Interview with the founder of EQA Krystal Kelly

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  • Listen how Krystal started her career in horses
  • How she first went abroad and tackled the challenges she faced
  • Why she founded the EQA community and where she wants to take it in future

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!


Thanks for listening!

horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 20 Interview with Krystal Kelly - Marriage Proposals in Egypt & Adventures in a Rally Car
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