EQA Podcast Ep 22 Photographing Horses in Turkmenistan

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In today’s episode Ute talks with Yvonne Koall, an equine photographer, videographer and travel blogger from Germany. Yvonne has dared to quit her job and become a freelance photographer, doing what she loves. So find out more about the challenges this decision has brought with it and about its rewards. Yvonne also talks about her project “Of Horses and Humans”. This project took her to different countries all around the world to meet and photograph people with their horses. 

Photographing Horses in Turkmenistan

Interview with a Travelling Equine Photographer

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Our Guest today:

Yvonne Koall (Germany)

Where you can find Yvonne and follow her adventures:

Website: yvonnekoall.de

Instagram: yvonnekoall and yvisway

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  • How Yvonne quit her job and became a freelance photographer
  • Yvonne’s favourite shootings such as putting a Shetland pony in front of Cologne Cathedral
  • Funny, sad and interesting stories experienced while travelling to different countries
  • additionally find out about her project “Of Horse and Humans”

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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horse and travel podcast photo - Ep 22 Photographing Horses in Turkmenistan - Interview with Equine Photographer Yvonne Koall
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  1. What you are doing is so positive and supportive. Capturing the artistic beauty of horses in diverse cultures…is just “eye candy “ pleasing. Keep up the great work, you are going places…Lol.

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