How To Ride Horses in Argentina

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In this article we’re going to be sharing with you why an Argentinian horse riding holiday needs to be on your bucket list as an equestrian! Argentina is the land of gauchos and of course delicious steak. So, that’s some of the reasons why you need to go there. We’re going to be diving into more travel tips, where you can ride horses in Argentina, what you should see and of course where you can book your next horse riding adventure!

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For a deeper more fully loaded understanding of Argentina, we would recommend getting our World Travel Guide for Equestrians. If you like paperbacks, you can get one on Amazon.

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In this book you’re going to find a whole lot of information about a variety of places that you can book your trips. You can search for riding destinations based on budget or terrain or the time of year.

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Before we get into horse riding in Argentina, I just want to make a disclaimer. Please make sure when you’re booking horse riding trips anywhere in the world that you do your due diligence. Do some research, actually double check that horse welfare is priority.

Make sure that you don’t ride with one of those really touristy places where they’re holding the reins up in the air and they’re riding in flip-flops. Don’t book with places like that.

You want to get our Travel Guide Book for Equestrians (available on Amazon). It’s better to ride in legit stables that actually require experienced riders. It’s important to know that they are not messing about when it comes to animal welfare.

If you want to ride at stables that you know the EQA team have been to and have seen personally with their own eyes, in the books we do have a blue verification badge. That way you know that we’ve seen the horses with our own eyes and we can verify that they are happy and healthy horses.

I just want to say it’s obviously very difficult for us to travel to every country and every single stables in the world. Just because they don’t have the verification badge doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t take care of their horses. It just means that we haven’t physically been there and seen them with our own eyes, so we can’t really verify.

Snow covered, jaggered peaks of Mount Fitzroy can be seen on some argentina horse riding holiday
The looming peaks of Mount Fitzroy can be seen in the Patagonian region of Argentina. Photo credits: Canva

Diverse landscapes, dancing and polo!

Argentina. The land of delicious steak dinners, wide-open spaces and the sexiest dance ever: the Tango! Visiting Argentina is a true equestrian’s dream and of course, for foodies. Foodies can enjoy the cuisine and horse lovers can experience life as a Gaucho. And then the Romantics can feel the embrace of the tango!  Argentina is extremely diverse. You can see glaciers, you can go to the mountains, you can see penguins. They’ve got crystal clear blue lakes, stunning waterfalls and just so many national parks. It’s impossible for me to even list them all!

I personally have not visited Argentina yet. It’s been on my list for a little while now. I feel like Argentina is one of those places that you’re not going to be able to find a culture like that anywhere else in the world. Argentinians are famous for being polo players and for their polo ponies. So I definitely personally intend on going there and playing a little polo. And also exploring the nature and countryside.

The great thing about Argentina is you can visit all year round. It doesn’t matter what time of year you want to go. You’re going to be riding in mountains, forests, meadows, deserts. You are going to see rivers and lakes. The weather can be a little bit varied, it can be sunny one second and rain a little bit the next. So do definitely pack a jacket and some breathable cotton shirts.

A nicely dressed couple dancing the tango in the street. Argentina horse riding holiday
The sexiest dance on earth: the fiery Tango! Photo credit: Canva

Waterfalls, wine and BBQ’s!

If you’re travelling to Argentina, of course you have to go to Buenos Aires. You might have heard some bad things on the news or something. It’s true, there are some rough places in the city. However, it is still well worth a visit. So plan on spending a couple of days there if you’re into culture, food and sites. There’s also a national park called Iguazu. This is a great place to explore. They have so many waterfalls and it’s a stunning place to go and connect with nature. 

If you’re into history, then you should definitely visit the historic Cordoba Cathedral. It is a 5 hour drive from Buenos Aires. And then of course you have to eat the steak and drink the wine.  Wine tasting around Mendoza is definitely a highlight not to miss. And of course the food! You HAVE to have an asado (traditonal BBQ).

A piece of steak on a fiery barbeque can be experienced on a Argentina horse riding holiday
BBQ’s, or ‘Asado’, as they are known in Argentina are a common cultural meal. Photo credits: Canva

Quick travel tip:

When you’re travelling to Argentina, cash can be hard to come by. It might be a little bit difficult to find change. There’s not a whole lot of places that take card if you’re in remote villages. Do make sure that you get some cash before you go out into the jungle or something like that just in case you need a little bit of cash.

So… how to ride?

If you’re looking for a list of a variety of stables that you can ride horses, then I would suggest that you go to Amazon and get our Horse Riding In Every Country catalog. Basically this book lists horse riding stables in 180 different countries. It’s like a phone book directory for horse riders.

It’s pretty useful to have as a book on your desk or on your lounge. I definitely refer to it all the time! So you can actually go and find the stables in the country you want to visit. You can go and check out their website and book your trip.

You’re going to be experiencing such different diverse nature and scenery in Argentina. I think you’re never going to get bored and honestly I feel like probably one to visit is not enough!

Horses tied in a field in Argentina with a view of distant, rolling mountains. This can be seen on a Argentina horse riding holiday
Some of the diverse landscape and views that can be seen while riding in Argentina

How to boost your confidence and safety while travelling

A lot of people are nervous if they’re travelling for the first time solo as a woman. Particularly, you might be wondering if it’s actually safe to travel in Argentina alone. You maybe have heard some rough stories about South America in general. So, for that I would definitely recommend that you check out our Online Courses for Equestrians.

There is a course about women’s travel safety, based on our founder Krystal’s experiences. She has worked in over 20 different countries with horses. She has visited more than 60 countries. She’s been to places like Iraq and Yemen solo as a woman, so she has a whole lot of information in the master class!

There’s even a course about Speaking The Horse Language. You’re going to master riding confidently in the saddle and know how to have a sticky butt …. so that way you don’t fall off of your horse in the middle of the jungle and then you have to be airlifted or some kind of disaster like that.

You are going to be able to know how to connect with any horse no matter what. No matter where you are and what the terrain is or the situation. You are going to be confident in your abilities as a rider. That you’re going to be able to handle any situation. 

Krystal Kelly (the EQA Founder) is an FEI II certified coach and has worked around the globe with horses for the past 10 years. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment, especially within the equine industry. If you want to find out more have a look at her website or find her on Facebook.

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