Horse Podcast Ep 36: A World Full of Horses – Talking About Equine Photography

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 36 - Christiane Slawik - A world full of horses

On today’s episode, Ute speaks with Christiane Slawik, one of the most famous equestrian photographers in Germany. Christiane has travelled all over the world to photograph horses and she is one of the few who can live from her work. Her photos appear in many different horse books, magazines and calendars internationally. Last year she published her latest book “A World Full of Horses” describing her travels and of course featuring many of her best photos. 

A World Full of Horses

Interview with Equestrian Photographer Christiane Slawik

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a good photo? Or whether it is possible to make a living as photographer? Today your questions will be answered. In today’s episode Ute is talking to Christiane Slawik, one of Germany’s most famous photographers whose photos appear on magazine covers, in books and calendars and on many other items. Christiane has travelled the world to photograph different horses in the home countries and has finally last year published a book about her travels and she stories behind her photos.

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Our Guests today:

Christiane Slawik (Germany)

Where you can follow Christiane’s adventures and get in touch:

Facebook: Christiane Slawik Photography

Website: slawik.com

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  • Christiane Slawik talking about her life & work with horses all around the world
  • Learning about the perfect photo
  • How you can make money photographing horses
  • Which horses she likes to put on the covers of horse magazines

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