Horse Podcast Ep 40: Summer Dreams about Horses & Riding

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 40 - Summer Dreaming on Horses and Rides

Summer is over and autumn is here. Heather’s kids are back at school and Ute is back in India. Today they talk about the riding they did this summer and recollect their most treasured memories. Heather talks about the recent ride through the Rocky Montains she did together with her husband and Ute talks about riding in Germany in general and about the rides she has done there.

Horses & Riding in Canada and Germany

In today’s episode Heather and Ute are talking about their rides in Canada and Germany, the kind of horses they rode and how Heather managed to get her husband on horseback.

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  • Riding in the Rocky Mountains
  • How to get your husband on horseback
  • Different riding places in Germany
  • Riding at the beach
  • Forest rides in the German Midlands

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

Special Announcement

We want to tell you a bot more about the Equestrian Adventuresses book series.

As you probably know by now, Ute is a huge book lover and carries a book with her wherever she goes. She is currently reading the second book of the series called “Going the Distance”. It includes lots of interesting stories from women adventuring all around the world.

One of the stories in this book was written by Ute herself. It is a story taking place in India. How did Ute find and buy her first Marwari horse in India and on the sideline fall in love with her husband?

So if you like to read horsie stories, go ahead and order a new copy from Amazon today!

The books are available as e-book, paperback and soon all will be available as audiobooks as well.


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