Horse Podcast Ep 44: How Packing Mules Got Her A Promotion

On today episode Heather interviews Katie Irwin, local Canadian gal who grew up eventing and now is the back country guide and manager for Banff Trail Riders in Banff National Park Canada. Hear stories of how her journey with horses began,  how a trip to Western Canada started her on an entire new path and some funny stories of working in the back country with all sorts of clients

From a eventing background to learning how to pack a Mule, a great story to hear!

Listen to a great story on how Katie starter her journey with a young horse learning the ropes of eventing to how she became a back country guide then manager with Banff Trail Riders.

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Our Guests today:

Katie Irwin (Alberta Canada)

Banff Trail Riders Banff National Park Canada

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  • How Katie starter her horse love affair
  • How a road trip to visit her sister changed her path
  • How learning to pack a mule help her climb the ladder
  • Learn about the beauty of Banff National Park Canada

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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