Horse Podcast Ep 47: In Search of Sunshine, She Found Her Little Piece of Paradise

On todays episode Heather speaks with the ladies of the Caballo Blanco Horse Riding and Rescue. They discuss how the Owner Sarah left the UK in search of sunshine and found her little piece of Paradise. Listen to stories on how she keeps her overhead low so she is able to rescue and rehabilitate 100’s of horses using her Mountain Therapy. She is well known for her ability to ensure the horses have no shortage of offers for forever homes.

In search of sunshine with her horse and a dream

Who would have thought when Sarah packed up her horse and the grey rainy sky’s of the UK she would start an adventure of a life time. Living completely off the grid in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains has allowed her to keep overheads low, enabling the rescue and rehabilitation of 100’s of horses. Listen to the great stories they share of this amazing rescue that have built and how she has be able to take animals in and change their lives. if you are looking for a trail ride that offers the majestic of the mountains or the beauty of the seas this is the place for you.

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Your Hosts today:

Sarah Vesey (Spain) and Elle Wood (Spain) both formally of the UK

Website: Caballo Blanco

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  • Horse rescue and rehabilitation
  • Experience the beautiful and diverse land of the Alpujarras, riding through pine forests and alpine meadows to wooded valleys and gorges as well as almond, olive and orange groves.
  • Mountain Therapy
  • From the website, learn how you can adopt and foster your own horse.

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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