Horse Podcast Ep 48: This Is Me! My First Riding Holiday

On todays episode Heather shares with us the planning process she took in getting ready for her first international riding holiday. She share some advice on what to look for and how it is important to be honest with what you riding level is before you get your self in over your head. Please continue to submit your question and topic ideas for future shows.

How inviting herself to join some girlfriends turned into a trip of a lifetime

Listen to how a conversation with a friend turned into a trip Heather won’t soon forget. Hear how she invited her self to join some girlfriends on a riding holiday in Spain. Heather shares the planning process, the importance of being prepared and some funny side stories. I’m sure that Heather coined the term “Hot mess” after going for a gallop with her lunch in a salad bag.

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Our Guests today:

Heather Calvert (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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  • Deciding on a tour outfitter and tour
  • Pre planning emails, schedules, flights and outfits
  • Being honest about your riding level
  • Why Riding fitness is important

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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