Horse Podcast Ep 49: How to Live & Work With Horses Abroad – Getting your Employment Visa for India

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 49 - Living and Working with Horses Abroad

On today’s episode Ute talks with Kate O’Brian who has a dream of living and working in India for a year. When she met her friend Dushyant on a plane and he told her about his plan to open a riding club in India, she immediately jumped on board and supported him, scuttling between India and Ireland. Finally she has managed to get an employment visa and is scheduled to fly to India and spend a whole year there, longer than ever before. She talks about how she was able to get her visa and what her work and life will be once there.

Follow your dream and keep going

Have you ever wanted to live and work in a foreign country? Kate O’Brian did and now her dream is coming true. She tells us how she managed to get her visa and how she has prepared herself for finally spending one whole year working in India.

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Our Guest today:

Kate O’Brian (Ireland)

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  • Planning and preparing to stay one year abroad working with horses
  • Getting your working visa
  • Living in India
  • Riding Marwari horses vs Thoroughbreds

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