Horse Podcast Ep 51: Safety On The Trails And Back At the Barn!

On Todays episode Heather speaks with an equine First aid trainer who shares her journey with horses and provides some great tips on Equine First Aid. They discuss items you should always have in your first aid kit and items that are handy to keep in your saddle bags while out on the trails. Don’t forget to continue submitting your questions and topic ideas for future shows.

Finding a post on Kijiji started a new path.

While browsing an internet sale site Mandy found her next chapter to explore with horses. Mandy has worked vastly throughout Canada and the USA , riding top performance show jumping horses, dressage and polo horses as well. Along with extensive riding experience, she gained a high level of stable management which carries her into her clinics. It was the idea of sharing these hands on skills that led her to a career with Equi Health Canada. A busy teaching schedule has led her to many public speaking opportunities as well as sponsorship and fundraising events.

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Your Guest today:

Mandy Abraham ( Saskatchewan Canada)

Website: Equi Health Canada Equi Health USA

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  • Must have Items in your barn first Aid kit
  • Must have items to keep in your saddle bags
  • Learn as much as you can, Take the opportunity!

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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One thought on “Horse Podcast Ep 51: Safety On The Trails And Back At the Barn!

  1. Really enjoyed the interview with Mandy Abraham from Equine Health in Canada! So much good information regarding horse safety and care! Thank you for that great episode

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