Horse Podcast Ep 53: Ask Your Vet – Cloning Horses

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 53 - Ask Your Vet

Another episode with Adriana and Ute. Today they talk about the recent birth of a cloned Przewalski horse and how cloning of horses is done. Adriana who has done a lot of reproductive medicine in horses tells us the different steps involved, how difficult and expensive it is and we discuss the question whether it makes sense to clone a horse six times to get a whole polo team of horses which are basically the same. If you have always wanted to know how cloning works, listen in, it is going to be interesting!

Ask your Vet with Dr. Adriana Pires Neves, Horse Vet from Brazil

Have you ever wanted to know something particular about veterinary science or something general about horse health? Look no further, Adriana is here to answer all your questions. She is a horse vet from Brazil, teaching students at university and she will chat with us once in while to answer all your vet related questions and talk about the latest developments in veterinary science or issues concerning the health and well-being of horses.

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  • Learn more about the Przewalski horses, the world’s only true wild horses
  • How does cloning work – explained in an easily understood manner
  • Embryo transfer technique in sports horses
  • How difficult & expensive is cloning

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