Horse Podcast Ep 56: From Horse Owner to Entrepreneur – The Story of an Idea

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 56 - From Horse Owner to Entrepreneur

On today’s episode Ute talks with Daniela Vadehra, endurance rider, horse breeder and entrepreneur. Daniela’s love for horses goes back to her childhood and when she received an Anglo-Arabian stallion as wedding gift, she decided to breed with him. Today she is a successful rider and breeder and lives with her family on a farm in Lower Austria close to Vienna. When her son developed a lactose intolerance she set out on a journey learning all about nutrition, microorganisms and fermentation and started experimenting. This was the beginning of her company Calapo which she built up from scratch, manufacturing fermented food supplements for humans, horses, dogs and cats. And she is still full of plans and enthusiasm for the future.

Follow your dream and keep going

Have you ever had an idea and thought it had potential to grow into a business? Daniela had too and she managed through hard work and dedication to turn her idea into a successful company. Listen to her story on today’s podcast episode!

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Our Guest today:

Daniela Vadehra (Austria)

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  • Learn more about Anglo-Arabians
  • How to turn a great idea into a business venture
  • Follow your dreams and believe in yourself

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