Horse Podcast Ep 58: Q&A On Trail With Your Horse

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 58 - Q&A Horses on Trail

On today’s episode Ute and Heather are answering your questions in another Q&A episode. Have you ever wanted to go on a day ride or even overnight ride with your horse? Then this is an episode you should listen to. The topics are how to tie or hobble your horse during breaks or overnight stays, portable electric fences and safety issues you should think about before setting out.

You asked them we’ve answered them

What to do when you are on a trail with your horse?

We answered all your questions about portable electric fences, tying your horse, high line tying and safety issues. A must-listen to any rider who plans to set out on a day ride or multiple day ride!

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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of hobbling horses
  • How do you tie a horse on a high line or picket line
  • What is the advantage of ground tying
  • Safety issues of tying horses
  • Advantages and disadvantages of portable electric fences

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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Thanks for listening to our horse podcast for Equestrian Adventuresses!

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