Horse Podcast Ep 62: Real & Virtual Adventures – Tevis Cup, Covid Derby & Ultra Marathons

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 62 - Real and Virtual Adventures

On today’s episode, Ute talks to Devan Horn, Equestrian Adventuress, Endurance Rider and Ultra Marathon Runner. Devan tells us all about her various horse riding adventures around the world and about how she prepares herself and her horses and how she finances her riding. In summer 2020 she organized the Covid Derby, a virtual 1000-Miles endurance race for riders, runners and other outdoor sports. In today’s episodes she tells us how she got & implemented the idea and how surprised she was, when a bunch of riders from the Philippines signed up for the challenge.

A World Full of Adventures!

Have you ever dreamed about participating in the Tevis Cup or the Mongol Derby? Devan Horn has done both – several times! She chats about her incredible adventures on horseback around the world and how important it is to have a good backup and preparation.

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Our Guests today:

Devon Horn (USA)

Meet Devan Horn, Equestrian Adventuress, Endurance Rider and Ultramarathon Runner!

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  • Tevis Cup, the prestigious 100 Miles endurance race in the USA
  • Mongol Derby
  • How to prepare yourself & your horses
  • Riding endurance in the UEA
  • Covid Cup, a virtual 1000 Miles endurance race

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Special Announcement

Today’s episode is sponsored by Horse Trek Mongolia:

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Horse Trek Mongolia is unique as it is fully owned by Mongolians and all the proceeds from their rides stay in the country. It also donates 20% of all income from the rides and treks to feed, care for and educate disadvantaged Mongolia children.

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