Horse Podcast Ep 63: Getting your Horse through the Cold Season

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 63 - Horses in Winter

On today’s episode Ute talks with Daniela Vadehra, endurance rider, horse breeder and nutritionist about how you can get your horses through winter without them losing condition or having health issues. Does your horse’s coat loses a bit of shine in winter or are you struggling with the question: To rug or not to rug? We will address all these issues and let you know why it it important to brush your horse outside in the sunshine from time to time.

What are the important points in keeping your horse healthy and happy during winter?

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Our Guest today:

Daniela Vadehra (Austria)

Horse breeder, nutritionist, endurance rider and entrepreneur. Daniela lives together with her family in Lower Austria near Vienna and joins us once in a while on this podcast to discuss horse nutrition and health.

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  • Why do horses lose condition over the winter season
  • How can I see if my horse feels cold or needs a rug
  • How important is exercise during the cold season
  • Which feeds can I add to give my horse the vitamins it needs

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