How To Go Horse Riding In Peru

Everything you need to know about horse riding in Peru in our special: How to ride horses in Peru

I’m going to be taking you to the land of Peru, which is famous for the Incas and Machu Picchu. We’re going to be discussing how you can go horse riding in Peru, what to see, top travel tips and of course where you can book your next equestrian adventure.

Author: Hebe Webber

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For a deeper more fully loaded description you definitely need to check out our World Travel Guide For Equestrians. This covers a whole lot of information and of course Peru. You can find different riding destinations based on the budget that you have. Or based on the type of terrain that you’re looking for. There’s a whole lot of really cool information in there, and as far as I know there’s no other travel guide book in the world for equestrians.

All you have to do is go to Amazon and you can order a paperback. Or you can download a free ebook. I wanted women around the world to be able to access this information, and for that reason the ebook is free. Our gift to you.

Horse Welfare Disclaimer

We have worked really hard to dive into the equestrian tourism industry. To be able to find unique riding destinations where you can go and book your trip. I do want to say a disclaimer:

Please do your research when you are booking horse riding tours in different countries. You need to make sure that the horses are healthy and that horse welfare is a priority.

Check out their website, do a little bit of research. Join the Equestrian Adventuresses Facebook group and maybe ask some questions or look at past posts. Ask around from some women who have actually been to the place that you want to go. Do a little bit of homework. You can also check our book World Travel Guide for Equestrians. In there we have a verification badge, so if the EQA team have actually been there and seen the horses, we verify that stable.

You can find a little blue verification badge next to the stable’s name if they have been verified. Just because a stable does not have this badge does not mean their horses aren’t happy and healthy. It only means we haven’t had the chance to physically go there and see it ourselves. 

If you do end up travelling and riding horses in Peru, then please let our people know on Facebook. Go to the group, share your photos and experiences. Let us see how awesome and amazing it was! And that way you could also verify that you’ve seen the horses for others.

The busy streets of the historical city of Cusco are just on of the many highlights of Peru.
The historical city of Cusco

A Place Like Nowhere Else

Peru is definitely a place I feel should be on everybody’s bucket list. Especially if you are a horse rider. I’m really excited to share with you some of the information that can be found in the World Travel Guide for Equestrians and of course what you can do and see during your stay in Peru.

The reason that Peru should be on your bucket list is because it’s one of those places that I feel has such a unique culture. I feel like it doesn’t exist anywhere else but in Peru. You know in Europe, a lot of the time I’m looking at beautiful architecture. But honestly a lot of the churches, especially if you’ve visited a lot of countries in Europe… they all kind of start to blend in together.

Peru and its unique culture are well worth exploring. The colorful dresses are in strong contrast to the harsh environment
The unique culture of Peru can’t be found anywhere else

You can’t remember where you saw that church or this castle because every country in Europe has them. They’re all beautiful. BUT Peru is one of those places that I feel like it is very unique. It’s very different and something very special. And the only way to actually experience Peru is to go there.

Historical Land of the Incas

Everyone probably already knows of Machu Picchu. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world. It is definitely something that you have to visit at least once in your life. However, there’s also some lesser known places.

For example, Peru is actually a hiker’s and horse rider’s paradise (if you’re like me and you don’t like hiking). There are countless ancient ruins, temples and cities to explore such as the historical city of Cusco. There’s also plenty of dramatic peaks, the Inca Trail and of course a lot of nature reserves and… alpacas! and little guinea pigs!

When you come for a horse riding trip to Peru, you cannot skip a trip to Machu Picchu
The magnificent Machu Picchu

Unfortunately guinea pigs are an actual delicacy in Peru. I don’t know if I would actually try it. They serve it fried. I’ve heard that the fried guinea pig tastes really really good. So I would be curious to try it maybe once? I mean they’re such cute little animals so I don’t know.

Another thing in Peru is actually the Rainbow Mountain. This mountain to me looks absolutely beautiful. It’s all kinds of varieties of different colours. It literally looks like a rainbow, so you have to plan a visit to Rainbow Mountain. But you also want to time it when it’s not too cloudy or foggy so you can actually see the beautiful colours.

Horses as Smooth as Glass

Now one of the unique things about Peru from a horse riding perspective is the Peruvian Paso horse. These horses are as smooth as glass. Riding them is extremely comfortable. That is what you’re going to be doing if you go horse riding in Peru. The Peruvian Paso horses are gaited horses. Which means you will do a lot of trotting in their special gait. Again, they are smooth as. You are just going to be enjoying the views on a very extremely comfortable horse which I think is ideal.

So you could be riding in the Peruvian Andes on Peruvian horses. You’re going to be riding from the Sacred Valley of the Incas through archaeological complexes, through salt flats. You’re going to have a lot of amazing viewpoints with snowy mountains in the background and interesting rock formations.

When you are horse riding in Peru you can experience the Peruvian Paso horses and their special gait, the "paso llano". The Paso is a light saddle horse known for its smooth ride.
Riding a Peruvian Paso Horse is a special experience as the breed is gaited.

You will see Condor birds, which is quite unique and special. They are HUGE. Of course, you have to mix with the local people and learn about the ancient Incan culture while riding through this beautiful and rough nature. Many places cater to intermediate and experienced riders. But if you have a spouse which is not riding they can generally cater to that too. Your spouse can go and do other activities while you are in the saddle riding.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is an amazing place to explore on a horse riding trip through Peru
The Sacred Valley of the Incas

You’re going to be riding for about 5 or more hours everyday depending on which routes you do. You’re going to be seeing mountains, landscapes, rivers, forests, lakes and archaeological sites. A whole lot of different terrain!

When To Go And What to Expect

The best time to visit Peru for horse riding is between April to December. You want to plan it for the summertime. You don’t probably want to be there when it’s really cold in the wintertime. So April through to December is the best time to go.

The weather can be a little bit of a variety. Especially if you’re in the mountains it can be sunny one second and rainy and soggy the next. You’ll definitely want to pack some jackets, different types of t-shirts and different sorts of breathable shirts. That way you can kind of intermix and change.

Some horse riding tours in Peru bring you high up into the peaks of the Peruvian Andes.
The high peaks of the Peruvian Andes

Peru is one of those places. I mean what other country can you find stunning cathedrals and medieval cobblestone streets mixed with ancient ruins from the Inca time AND also one of the seven wonders of the world. I’ve also heard that Peru has very delicious food. If you’re a foodie, I think this is definitely going to be a highlight.

Then of course they have rainforests, they’ve got very colourful birds and a lot of different wildlife. Peru also touches the ocean. So you can really truly mix it up. You can be on the beach one day and in the mountains the next. Or you can be in the jungle seeing the wildlife. It’s a diverse place to visit and I feel like one trip is definitely not enough.

Traveling Solo and Nervous: A Solution

You’re travelling solo. You’re a little bit worried and concerned. Maybe this is one of your first trips and you’re not super confident travelling solo as a female to different places. I would suggest that you have a look at our Equestrian Adventuresses Online Courses.

Don't forget that horses and horse riding isn't the only passion of the people of Peru. There are Alpacas, too!
Become as fearless as a young girl in the mountains with her alpaca!

It has techniques of how to travel safely as a woman anywhere in the world and you’re also going to learn things like goal setting and of course an entire program for becoming an experienced horse rider and being able to have a sticky butt in the saddle and be able to ride basically any horse confidently because we don’t want you falling off in some country where you have to be airlifted to hospital and it’s kind of a sketchy hospital. We want that you actually know how to ride and you can stay on confidently, and it doesn’t matter what the terrain or the situation is. We prepare you for your horse riding adventure in Peru and anywhere in the world! 

Peru is a culturally rich country that even found its place in the National Geographic top 10 places to ride. Listen to the podcast now.

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