How To Go Horseback Riding In New Mexico

Everything you need to know to go horseback riding in New Mexico

New Mexico – why it needs to be on your equestrian bucket list! Located in the USA it’s the land of chillies, festivals and culture. We’re going to discuss horseback riding in New Mexico: what to see, top travel tips and of course where you can book your next riding expedition.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, is the perfect starting point to explore the history and culture of new Mexico.
Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city

Horse Welfare is Paramount

Before I get into horseback riding in New Mexico, I just want to give a quick disclaimer. Please, when you are booking horseback riding trips around the world please do your due diligence. Make sure that you check their website and you do your research before booking. Join our Equestrian Adventuresses Facebook group. Ask others for their experiences and first-hand information or photos, just to be sure that the horse welfare is the number one priority

I’m sure you’ve probably heard some horror stories of some places not having very healthy horses. We definitely don’t want to support that. Which is why I think getting one of our travel guide books is the best thing that you could do. We have a little blue verification badge. If you want to book tours with stables that EQA Founder Krystal has personally verified. This means that she has been there and seen the horses with her own eyes.

However, just because they don’t have the verification badge doesn’t mean that they’re not good! It just means that Krystal hasn’t physically visited it (yet). It is very difficult for her to visit all stables in the entire world. It’s physically impossible. Please do your research and make sure that they have happy and healthy horses! So without any further delay, let’s get into it.

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A Festival for Everything

EQA Founder Krystal is North American, from the state of California. She had no idea how fascinating New Mexico was going to be. Krystal has not actually been to New Mexico yet, and she tells me she is kind of regretting it. Because now she feels like “Oh my gosh I have to go to New Mexico.”

The Balloon Fiesta is an incredible event and amazes many visitors every year
The Balloon Fiesta is just one of the many festivals you can attend

When we started putting together our USA Travel Guide Book, Krystal was shocked at all of the things they have in New Mexico. For example, there’s a hot air balloon festival! I mean they have festivals galore. Music festivals, food festivals, culture festivals… it seems like they have a festival every 15 minutes. So, I think if you love festivals you need to go to New Mexico immediately. 

The best advice that I can give based on what I’ve seen is: you need to check the calendar of the different festivals that are happening in New Mexico. That way you can kind of coordinate your trip. Coordinate with the festivals that you are most interested in seeing. Although, to be honest, it sounds like New Mexico is one of those places that you’re going to have to visit again and again. Because you’re just not going to be able to see and do everything in just one trip. They even have the Roswell UFO festival!

A street sign to warn car drivers of cattle crossing also shows a picture of a UFO
Beware of UFOs in the Roswell area

Ancient Nature and Indian Rituals

I would definitely say that New Mexico is the place for the arts and for culture. They have a lot of Native American events with a lot of ancient Indian rituals. If you’re interested in ancient ruins or if you want to explore some of the ancient Indian culture in the Americas then I think New Mexico is definitely the place to do it.

The Jemez historic site is a sign of New Mexico's amazing history
Jemez historic site

They have ancient ruins which can be seen at the Jemez historic site. Nature wise you can visit the caves at Carlsbad Caverns or explore the White Sands National Park and relax at one of the many hot springs found in this wonderful state. One of the most stunning natural beauties is the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks. It’s a great place to see these unique cone-shaped rock formations.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks owes its remarkable geology to layers of volcanic rock and ash deposited 6 to 7 million years ago
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

Do You Want It Christmas?

Another thing that I thought was really cool about New Mexico. You can order in the restaurants either red chilies, green chilies or Christmas. Christmas just means it’s both red and green chilies. A lot of the local people say “Do you want it Christmas?”. And what they mean is “Do you want it with mixed red and green chilies on your food?”. So, if you like spicy food then New Mexico is definitely for you!

A mix of red and green chillies is called "Christmas" in New Mexico
Chillies Christmas

If you are a turquoise lover or lover of anything ancient Indian artifacts wise. You definitely need to check out some of the local artisan markets which are featuring the turquoise stone. There’s a lot of different small towns and cities in New Mexico. Many were actually designed for horse-drawn wagons. They’re kind of very old cowboy vibe. You could walk up and down these cozy little streets and see the unique architecture. See the art galleries and the colorful murals all on foot.

Horseback Riding in New Mexico

If you go horseback riding in New Mexico, it’s a unique experience with diverse cultures, stunning landscapes and exceptional cuisine. Some places even have all-inclusive vacation packages. These may include yoga retreats, the balloon fiesta, a rodeo and a wine festival.

If you're interested in horseback riding in New Mexico, you will also like the wild horses in the high desert
Wild horses in New Mexico’s high desert

The best time to visit New Mexico is between April and October. It’s a sunny place. You’re going to be riding in mountains, deserts, forests, meadows, rivers and lakes. The weather can be a little bit varied. It might rain sometimes, so definitely bring a light jacket. 

It’s common to spend 3 to 5 hours in the saddle on riding holidays here. Some places do not accept beginner riders because you’re going to be riding in some interesting terrain.

However, often they do accept non-riders. While you’re out riding and having your horsey adventures, your family members can go and sightsee. They can explore without you or enjoy some hot springs or some spa time.

Horseback riding in New Mexico is traditionally done in Western Style
A true cowboy experience in New Mexico

Now true to the cowboy way, you are going to be riding western. So if you are looking for an ultimate American cowboy experience, I think New Mexico needs to be on your radar.

Keen to Travel? Nervous? We’ve Got You

If you are new to equestrian travel and you’re not really sure where to start or what to do. Maybe you’re a little bit worried about your safety or your riding abilities. Then I would recommend you check out our Equestrian Adventuresses Online Courses.

Be confident as this cowgirl! Use our courses to prepare for horseback riding in New Mexico
Be a Cowgirl!

The courses are online video courses, which you can do in your spare time. They cover how to have a sticky butt. How you can be more confident with horses in the saddle. How to handle horses on the ground in a variety of different terrains. We don’t want you falling off at any time during your horseback riding vacation. Let us help you to learn to be a confident, experienced rider.

We also have women’s travel safety course and then a goal setting module. That way you know how to plan and save your money. How to work towards achieving all of your dreams.

Have You Been Horseback Riding in New Mexico?

We would also love it if you could comment below if you’ve ridden in New Mexico. Tell us some of your personal stories or experiences.

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