How To Go Horse Riding: Slovenia

Horse Riding Slovenia, Everything you need to know! When, Where, What and How.

Slovenia: The magical kingdom of dragons. This country needs to be on your bucket list as a horse rider and an equestrian adventurer. In this article we’re going to be discussing how to go horse riding in Slovenia, what you should see, some top travel tips and of course where you can book your next horse riding trip.

Author: Hebe Webber

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In this article I’m going to be sharing with you some information about horse riding in Slovenia which can be found in the World Travel Guide For Equestrians book. Now, if you’re like me and you like paperback books, you can find this book on Amazon. Or you can download a digital ebook copy completely free. Our gift to you.

Travel to Slovenia will make you experience the many castles and churches with amazing views of the countryside
Villages and castles are the quintessential Slovenian experience

We worked really hard to find some amazing horse riding places around the world. In this guidebook you can search for places based on budget, terrain, time of year and the types of horses that they have. So this is a great handy book if you are looking for different, unique places around the world and you’re not really sure where to start. What highlights that you don’t want to miss, what kind of food to eat and what language they speak. So definitely check out the guidebook; it’s actually a perfect gift for an equestrian lover like you.

Horse Welfare is Paramount

I just want to give a quick disclaimer; whenever you’re traveling and you’re booking horse riding tours around the world, please check out their website thoroughly before booking. Do your research. Join our Equestrian Adventuresses Facebook Group. Leave a message, chit-chat with others who’ve actually been there and just do your due diligence. Do some research! Make sure that the horse’s welfare is priority and that the horses are all healthy and happy.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard some horror stories of other countries not taking care of their horses properly. If you get our guidebooks for equestrians then you’re gonna find a little blue verification badge next to some business names. This means EQA Founder Krystal has  actually verified that stables with her own eyes. Just because the stable hasn’t been verified doesn’t mean that they’re not good or that they don’t care for the horses. It’s just that Krystal physically hasn’t seen it (yet). It’s just really difficult for her to go to every single stables in the world. There’s so many of them. So that’s why I say please do your research. Check out their website and as long as the horses look happy and healthy then I would definitely say to book the trip.

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Here we go: Horse Riding & Slovenia

EQA Founder Krystal Kelly has actually spent some time horse riding in Slovenia. So I’m going to give you some of her personal first-hand information. What she recommends and what she felt her impressions were. You can also check out our full documentary about horse riding in Slovenia. We have a very lovely documentary and it has a whole lot of information and really cool fun adventures. Definitely check it out.

Off the Beaten Track

The first thing that I want to say about Slovenia is that it’s a country that’s not really on a lot of people’s radar. You know, not very many people have even heard that Slovenia is an actual country. They probably can’t point it out on a map and they have no clue what they are missing out on. Which is one of the reasons why I think you need to visit Slovenia.

A Church on the foothills of a mountain range in Slovenia.
A church nestled in the foothills of Slovenian mountains

It’s stunning, it’s beautiful, it’s super unique and interesting. We’re going to be diving more into that later in this article. But it’s one of those places that’s not super touristy and it’s very easy to get away from the masses. Even if you’re in the capital city, it just feels so cute and quaint. It doesn’t feel like you’re being overwhelmed by tourists like you are at the Eiffel tower in France or Venice in Italy. 

Spectacular views from the top of a mountain during horse riding Slovenia.
On top of the world. Photo credits: Equestrian Adventuresses

Home of Dragons

Slovenia is actually well known for its caves. Inside of these caves are really small salamander creatures. Salamanders are tied with thousands of legends about dragons. These creatures were actually once believed to be baby dragons. Hence why Slovenia is kind of a ‘dragon place’ for tales, legends and fables. These little salamanders are actually called Alms and they’re only found in a very small part of the world. Slovenia is one of the only places that you can see these unique little creatures.

Olms are blind and were mistaken to be baby dragons living in caves
Mistaken as a baby dragon: An olm in Postojna cave

These ‘baby dragons’ have captivated people’s imaginations for centuries. The earliest written stories about the Alms include stories of dragons living inside the Postojna cave, which is one of the largest caves that you can visit on your trip in Slovenia. I would highly recommend that you pay a visit to this cave. It is huge!

A view into the Postojna Cave in Slovenia shows a walkway through the stalagmites and stalactites.
Postojna Cave is absolutely worth visiting

Pristine Nature and Unique Destinations

One of the other famous destinations in Slovenia is Lake Bled. This has a cute little church on a little tiny island. Which is in the middle of this beautiful pristine lake and a beautiful castle on the hill. It is a little bit more of a touristy spot in Slovenia. However, when I visited there was only about three people walking around in the castle taking pictures. So, I would definitely recommend going and visiting Lake Bled. There is also a little tiny portion of Slovenia which is touching the Adriatic Sea. Then it’s also touching Italy, so you know you could always pop into Italy if you fancy.

Lake Bled is a great sight to visit. It is worth a little detour before or after horse riding in Slovenia.
The iconic Lake Bled

What I really want to talk about in Slovenia is nature. Slovenia has beautiful churches, old castles, cute little villages but also just absolutely unique nature. When Krystal was riding in Slovenia she was stunned that one second she was riding in this kind of tunnel. There were cliffs and caves…  and then the next second up on these mountain tops. Then they kind of went down into the meadows and were having a nice little canter. There was just such a variety of terrain. Even riding splashing around in the rivers.

Horse Riding in Slovenia: Not Without Schnaps for Good Luck

It is such a fascinating place to ride and Krystal especially enjoyed riding in the cute little villages. In these villages the locals aren’t really used to seeing a bunch of foreigners riding around on horses. So all of the locals want to invite you in for a drink, and by drink I mean like a little shot of schnapps. So Krystal had her little shot of drink and then mounted back on the horses to continue her ride. And it’s funny because the guy who owns the horses in this kind of tour operation, he was laughing saying we were lucky.  Lucky that today it was just one family that invited them for a drink…  because usually it’s like every other house in the village. And by the time you leave the village you’re completely drunk! The villages were such a friendly and interesting place to ride.

Sunset at the horse stables. After horse riding in Slovenia all day it is time to rest.
Sunset. Photo credits: Equestrian Adventuresses

Then they literally rode up to a castle (more than once by the way), parked their horses and let them stand there while they went inside and wandered around this abandoned castle. No one was even bothered that we were walking around in it.

Slovenia is a Special Place

I think Slovenia is just one of those really unique and special places and I’m not gonna lie, it hadn’t really been on my radar until more recently but I’m SO glad that I went and everyone else that went said the same thing. Again, you can watch the full documentary on our YouTube channel, it was just so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I feel like Slovenia is a place I would go again and again and again without question. So at this point you’re probably wondering like okay so… where can I ride horses in this beautiful country?! I’m sold!

Affordable Luxury

I think one of the great things about Slovenia, it might actually surprise a lot of people. Especially those who are thinking like “Oh I would love to travel but I can’t afford it”, is that Slovenia is extremely affordable. I mean depending on how many days you want to ride etc there are different programs and packages. But you can find a very affordable trip with them and there’s absolutely no reason not to go. It includes your hotels and meals and everything. So basically you don’t have to spend any extra money. You can hire a rental car after your horse riding expedition and you can kind of cruise around. Like I said you can easily pop into Italy.

horse riding in Slovenia can be an adventure! Here the riders are waiting for a storm to come
A storm is coming.. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

It’s one of those places that’s super affordable, has delicious food, beautiful nature and you get to ride horses. There are even bears in the forests. There’s absolutely no reason not to do it. So if you have an excuse of “Oh I can’t afford it” just see how much it costs to book a flight.

Because honestly, it’s very affordable and very doable. There are tours for less than a thousand dollars. That’s all inclusive packages.There are also some tours if you’re riding for more days between a thousand and three thousand bucks, so super affordable.

When to Visit Slovenia for Horse Riding?

I think everyone is able to save up and go to Slovenia. There’s absolutely no reason not to go. The best time of year to visit is between March and October. You’re going to be spending between three to five hours, or five hours or more in the saddle each day (depending which tour you book). Depending on the place you book you can choose to ride English or Western. If you want to go horse riding in Slovenia most places require that you are an intermediate or experienced rider. You are going to be cantering around and climbing up mountains and things.

A rider admires an abandoned castle while horse riding Slovenia
You will be able to admire abandoned castles along the way. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

However non-riders are welcome. If you have a spouse or family member that wants to visit Slovenia but they’re not necessarily horse riders, that could definitely be catered to. They can take your spouse or family member to go and explore some pristine waterfalls, go swimming or visit the caves or castles while you are out exploring Slovenia on horseback.

Nervous Traveler? Here’s Where to Start

If you are really interested in traveling the world on horseback but you’re a little bit nervous. You don’t know where to start or you’re a little bit concerned as a solo female traveler. What I would suggest is for you to check out our online courses.

a quarter horse with trail riding gear ready for horse riding Slovenia
Reliable horses are waiting for you. Photo credits: Aga Karmol

Our Equestrian Adventuresses Online Courses are online video modules. We cover different topics such as women’s travel safety, goal setting, how to be able to actually achieve your goals.  You know to save for trips or things like that. As well as our famous Speaking the Horse Language course, where you can learn to have a sticky butt. So that way you’re not nervous or fearful that you might actually fall off your horse. Because you don’t want to go to the hospital when you’re abroad, it’s not fun! We have the Speaking the Horse Language class so that way you can become a more confident rider. You can be able to ride any horse, in any situation, in any terrain, have a sticky butt and be connected with your horse.

You could also check out our Facebook group Equestrian Adventuresses. In the group you can watch other people’s videos, look at their photos and listen to their experiences when they were riding in Slovenia. Or you can share your personal experiences. The group has a lot of questions, answers and information to share with you.
Thanks for reading this article and until next time, happy trails!

More about Horse Riding in Slovenia

Is horse riding & Slovenia on the top of your bucket list? Want to learn more? Check out our EQA TV series and watch the episode featuring horse riding in Slovenia.

Horse Riding Slovenia pin showing lake bled
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