Horse Podcast Ep 71: Human Dentist Turned Equine Dentist – Meet Akruti Choksi of India

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 71 - Equine Dentist

On today’s episode, Ute talks to a special guest: Akruti Choksi, India’s first equine dentist and horse communicator. A normal Indian girl, Akruti studied to become a dental surgeon, only to discover that she did not find fulfilment in her job. As an animal lover, she wanted to work with animals and thus decided to go to New Zealand to train as an Equine Dental Technician, an unusual career choice for an Indian woman. Today she has been working for more than ten years in her field and is a respected professional working with different stud farms, race and polo horses. In order to help her with her work, Akruti has also learned animal communication as a tool to help her in her profession

India’s first Equine Dentist is a Woman!

After studying human dentistry, Akruti Choksi knew, this just wasn’t her thing. So she packed her bags to travel to New Zealand to attend a course to become an Equine Dental Technician and follow her dreams! Today she is India’s one and only Equine Dentist and – as a woman – a trailblazer in the Indian equine industry.

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Our Guests today:

Akruti Choksi (India)

India’s first Equine Dentist, Akruti Choksi is based in the city of Mumbai and travels all over the country to treat horses.

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  • How do you become an Equine Dentist
  • Working as a woman in a male dominated field in India
  • What kind of horses can be found in India
  • How are Indian horses kept in a different way than in the West

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