Horse Podcast Ep 78: Ask Your Vet – Colic in Horses

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 78 - Ask Your Vet: All About Colic

Another episode with Brazilian Horse Vet Adriana. Today she talks about the nightmare of every horse owner: Colic. While the term just denotes the symptom of stomach ache in horses and can have different causes, it should never be taken lightly as it can quickly lead to the need of complicated surgery. So today we discuss about what every one of us can do when your horse has a colic and what we can do to prevent colics in our horses. Definitely something every horse owner should know about!

Ask your Vet with Dr. Adriana Pires Neves, Horse Vet from Brazil

Have you ever wanted to know something particular about veterinary science or something general about horse health? Look no further, Adriana is here to answer all your questions. She is a horse vet from Brazil, teaching students at university and she will chat with us once in while to answer all your vet related questions and talk about the latest developments in veterinary science or issues concerning the health and well-being of horses.

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  • What is colic?
  • How can we prevent horses from getting colic?
  • What can we do till the vet arrives?
  • How can we keep nervous horses relaxed and prevent colics?

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