Ten Must-Read Horse Books for Adults

Find 10 must-red horse books for adults about riding adventure and travel here.

A while back, we asked adventuresses in our Facebook group to weigh in on their favorite horse books for adults about riding adventure and travel. They came up with a whopping 44 books! The following article is a round-up of some of the must-read horse books for adults from this list. Along with all four of the Equestrian Adventuresses Series books!

Author: Eleanor Carrano

Are you preparing to embark on your next (or perhaps first) equestrian adventure? Or are you perhaps simply looking for inspiring new horse books for adults to fuel your dreams of future travel? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Horse Books for Adults: Here they are!

This list of 10 must-read horse books for adults is filled with stories of courage, horse and rider connection, and insatiable curiosity about the world. All these horse books for adults are featured in a short video by Krystal. So be sure to check it out! Furthermore you should check out our longer list of horse adventure books. With more than 40 books it contains even more recommendations from equestrian adventuresses around the world.

Short Video: Horse Books for Adults

1. Equestrian Adventuresses Series Book 1: Saddles and Sisterhood

edited by Krystal Kelly

In this first installment of the EQA series, you will read the stories of adventurous women who ride in places as diverse as Greece, Bhutan, Ireland, and the Bronx. You’ll encounter bears while riding in Canada. Additionally, you’ll complete a 400-mile trek all across Ireland. Furthermore, you’ll even join a mother-daughter duo as they explore Bhutan on horseback.

Grab your horse book for adults and audiobooks now! Incredible true stories of horse riding travel adventures around the world.

2. Tschiffely’s Ride

by Aimé Tschiffely

Read about one man’s journey of 10,000 miles, from the bottom of South America to Washington D.C., with his two amazing Criollo horses. These two equines are the best partners Aimé could ever have wished for. In other words, they save his life time and time again!

3. In Ethiopia with a Mule

by Dervla Murphy

In 1966, Dervla Murphy traveled the length and breadth of Ethiopia, first on a mule and later on a donkey. The really remarkable achievement was not surviving three armed robberies or the thousand-mile trail. Rather, it was the gradual growth of affection for and understanding of another race. In our humble opinion it’s one of the best horse books for adults of all time.

4. Equestrian Adventuresses Series Book 2: Going the Distance

edited by Krystal Kelly

In this second installment of the EQA book series, you travel further with adventurous women riders to India, Iceland, Italy, South America, New Zealand, and more! You’ll search for your dream horse in India, find out what it’s like to trek across South America with toddlers, and become a “local” while show-jumping in Italy.

5.  On The Trail of Genghis Khan

by Tim Cope

Tim Cope embarked on a journey that hadn’t been successfully completed since the 13th century. He wanted to travel on horseback across the entire length of the Eurasian steppe. So he journeyed from Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine to the Danube River in Hungary. Accompanied by his dog Tigon, he went from horse-riding novice to travelling three years and 10,000 kilometres on horseback.

5 More Horse Books for Adults to Come!

Keep reading, there are 5 more amazing and inspiring horse books for adults on this list. Don’t miss out and read further!

6. Land of Eagles: Riding through Europe’s Forgotten Country

by Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Albania is the least-known and least developed country in Europe. It has a long, rich and troubled past, characterized by unrest and isolationism. Until today, very little is known of its people, and its landscapes have remained virtually untraveled for centuries. However, determined to discover the country behind the stereotypes and preconceptions, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and his wife Louella rode across Albania. Join them on their expedition from Thethi in the north to the border with Greece in the south.

7. Equestrian Adventuresses Series Book 3: Leg Up

edited by Krystal Kelly

In this third installment of the EQA book series, travel to Mongolia, Georgia, Poland, South Africa and more incredible places. Embark with various adventuresses on countless adventures in the saddle. Tackle language barriers while working as a gaucho in Chile. Embrace the aid of total strangers while riding across the nation of Georgia. And overcome new challenges while training green horses in South Africa.

These three travel guides are the perfect horse book for adults. Packed with information for equestrian travel in the USA, worldwide and with tips for adventuresses seeking working or volunteering opportunities

8. Last of the Donkey Pilgrims

by Kevin O’Hara

Kevin O’Hara’s journey of self-discovery begins as a mad lark. Who in their right mind would try to circle the entire coastline of Ireland on foot and with a donkey and cart no less? But Kevin had promised his homesick Irish mother that he would explore the whole of the Old Country. He would bring back the sights and the stories to their home in Massachusetts. Determined to reach his grandmother’s village by Christmas Eve, Kevin and his stubborn but endearing donkey, Missie, set off on 1800-mile trek along the entire jagged coast of a divided Ireland.

9. The Last Secrets of the Silk Road: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo by Horse and Camel

by Alexandra Tolstoy

Alexandra Tolstoy recounts the incredible sojourn she made with three companions in 1999. As a result, she wrote one of the best horse books for adults around. Join her on her travels through some of the least-explored countries and areas of the world. These places include Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Taklamakan Desert, and certainly China.

10. Equestrian Adventuresses Series Book 4: Have Breeches Will Travel

edited by Krystal Kelly

In the fourth book in the EQA series, travel Romania, Morocco, Namibia, Italy as well as Greenland. Embark on countless adventures in the saddle in these incredible locales. For instance, you’ll shadow an equine vet in Namibia as you rescue a baby oryx in distress. Ride alongside icebergs in Greenland. Furthermore journey across the Moroccan sands to the sea on a trip that will take you over a month to complete on horseback.

Share your Favorite Horse Books for Adults

Have you read other amazing horse books for adults? Then let us know what’s in your bookshelf and share your favorite horse books for adults in the comments!

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