Horse Podcast Ep 80: Horse India, Only A Dream Away

Namaste, Todays podcast is taking us to the charms of India. Heather speaks with Caroline Moorey from Horse India, where they discuss her passion for the Marwari horse and the beautiful Rajasthan area of India. Listen as Caroline describes her love affair with horses and how it began. She shares with us her riding safari business and how she is leading the promotion of the Bit donation scheme in India, where they are bringing change in the use of the “thorn bit”. Please continue to submit your questions and topic ideas for future shows.

The Holiday of dreams.

Horse India aims to give you a holiday to remember, to ensure that through their riding safaris you have the opportunity to experience the passion they hold for the Marwari horse and Rajasthan. They want to share with you the thrill of riding the unique and spirited Marwari horse. Horse India is a combination of talents and over 15 years of involvement with the Marwari horse and the Rajasthan safaris. Horse India offers and exciting and informative horse safari experience, combining history, tradition and culture through our knowledge of the landscape, its people and of course its unique indigenous marwari horses.

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Your Guest today:

Caroline Moorey

Facebook: Horse India

Website: Horse India

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  • Heritage Homestays ( stay at the stables in Narlai Rajasthan)
  • Bit Donation Scheme
  • wedding celebrations
  • Indigenous Marwari Horse

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