Horse Podcast Ep 82: The Gaucho Derby and other Extreme Horse Riding Adventures

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 81 - The Gaucho Derby

On today’s episode, Ute talks with Stevie Delahunt, an Equestrian Adventuress from the USA. Stevie has participated in the Mongol Derby, the Gaucho Derby, the Tevis Cup, the Wildcoast Race in South Africa and plenty other extreme horse trails and races around the world. She uses this experience to teach other riders in boot camps, the skills they need to participate in endurance races and extreme horse adventures. She also works for The Adventurists, the company organising The Mongol Derby and the Gaucho Derby among others. She conducts the interview with the applicants and decides together with a team who will participate and who will be rejected. She tells us about another derby which is yet secret and which will come to happen in the future and what is important for her in her interviews. So, if you ever plan to join the Mongol or Gaucho Derby, be sure not to miss this episode!

Working with Horses

Talking with different equestrian professionals

Who has not dreamed about working with horses as a girl? For many this dream has not come true but for others it has. Working with horses means a lot of hard work and dedication, early mornings and being outside most of the time. But it also means to be part of the equestrian tribe and doing what you love.

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Our Guests today:

Stevie Delahunt (USA)

Equestrian Adventuress, farrier and trainer living and working with horses and riders in California/Spain.

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  • What is the Gaucho Derby
  • What you should know before applying for entering the Mongol or Gaucho Derby
  • Talking about her rider’s boot camps in California
  • To finish is to win
  • How she met her husband on one of these rides and brought him home with her

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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