Horse Podcast Ep 84: The Great Mongolian Ride

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 84 - The Great Mongolian Ride

On today’s episode Ute talks with Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto, dental hygienist and horse lover from Switzerland. In July 2021 she will organise the Great Mongolian Ride, a charity ride crossing Mongolia from West to East and covering more than 3000 km in 10 weeks. She tells us all about how she arrived in Mongolia with her husband and founded her NGO Misheel Kids Foundation to help disadvantaged Mongolian children take care of their dental health and how she fell in love with the Mongolian horses and people and finally how she had the idea for her ride which is going to be the longest charity ride in history.

Crossing Mongolia on Horseback – You can still join this incredible adventure!

The Great Mongolian Ride is a charity ride of over 3000 km from the Altai Mountains in the Far West of Mongolia to the Eastern most tip, the open grass plains of Dornod. The whole ride will take 10 weeks from 20th July 2021 till 23rd September 2021. Every day you will ride around 50 km from camp to camp. After every 10 days there is one day of rest which will allow you to do some washing, stretching your legs and spending a day at leisure. The ride will be supported by a back-up vehicle, a doctor, a cook, helpers to set up camp every day and of course Gabi and the team will be there.

You can join in for the whole 10 weeks ride or for a 10-days section. Transport to the starting point and from the finishing point will be provided.

If you are interested in joining The Great Mongolian Ride you can visit the website to learn all about it!

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Our Guest today:

Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto (Switzerland)

Dental hygienist and Equestrian adventuress from Switzerland who has found a second home in Mongolia and helps organising horse treks together with her friends Saraa and Baagii. She has founded the charity organisation Misheel Kids Foundation.

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  • How Gabi lost her heart to the Mongolian Horses and people
  • Talking about her NGO the Misheel Kid’s Foundation
  • The different landscapes of Mongolia
  • Mongolian horses & horse culture

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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