Horse Podcast Ep 88: You Can’t Go Wrong With An Action Camera!

Today’s episode is filled with information on Follow and Action Cameras. Ute and Heather take on the Techy side of riding again with a detailed review of action and follow cameras.  EQA podcast #88 is filled with information that you need to hear about. From cameras you mount on your helmet to robotic systems that will help you record your lessons, training sessions and your adventures along the trail. If you want to live stream we’ve got you covered, and don’t forget the cameras that can help you keep an eye on your special cargo in your trailer.

Auto Follow and Action cameras, capturing all your adventures

Horse riding got a lot easier when the follow cameras were invented. With the simplicity of setting up a device along side the arena these robotic devices will zoom and pan out as they track you. You now have the ability to live stream directly to your trainer while you are riding. No more trying to explain to your coach what your horse is doing when you are asking for different actions. Proof will be in the video 🙂

Action cameras have also come along way since they hot the market. the ease of use the different styles make them very user friendly. The helmount cameras are still my favorite for capturing all of your adventures along the trail. However there are ones that attach to the your visor or the high tech james bond style on in your sunglasses.

Many different companies are making both the action and follow cameras in all budget levels. Pivo, Pixem and go pro are very popular. Lots to choices, live streaming, voice controls, multi distances. Do your research and you will find the right camera for you.

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Ute (India) Heather (Canada)

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  • Helmet cameras
  • Cameras for the arena
  • Live streaming cameras
  • Cameras for horse trailers

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