Horse Podcast Ep 89: The Great Trek – Riding Across the USA

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 89 - The Grand Trek - Riding Across the USA

On today’s episode, Ute talks with Kathleen Schmitt, Equestrian Adventuress of the first hour. After finishing her education including horsemanship training in England and Germany, Kathleen headed off to her personal adventure of a lifetime. She crossed the USA from coast to coast on the back of her Arabian part-bred Murphy accompanied by her dog Country Boy who went along as her protector. This ride took place in 1981, a time without internet, mobile phones or hand-held GPS devises. Kathleen only had an unreliable map and a direction: West! She was on trail for seven months, crossing mountains, plains and deserts. She met countless people on the ride, got lost ever so often and finally published a book about her ride recently. We talk about her ride, about her book and why it took her such a long time to write it.

The Best That Can Happen – The Grand Trek

Written by Kathleen Schmitt

Meet Kathleen, Murphy, a Davenport Arabian cross and Country Boy, a boxer. This trio travelled the whole of the United States together from East to West. In her book, Kathleen describes the different countrysides she rides through and the people she encounters. A lovely read of a woman who lived her dream!

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Our Guests today:

Kathleen Schmitt (USA)

Equestrian Adventuress of the first hour, horse lover and trainer from Chicago, Illinois, went on her great adventure before settling in corporate life. She crossed the USA on horseback from coast to coast in seven months in 1981, when there were no mobile phones, no internet and no GPS devises.

Read more about Kathleen Schmitt on her website!

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  • How did the idea of crossing the USA on horseback evolve
  • Meeting people on the ride
  • Books need to be written at a certain time
  • Discovering your vocation by following your dream

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