Horse Podcast Ep 100: We’re Having A Party! Let’s Celebrate 100 Episodes

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 100 - We're Having a Party, let's celebrate 100 Episodes

It’s party time, we have an amazing accomplishment to celebrate, we have reached 100 podcast episodes. Today Heather, Ute and Krystal are sharing some highlights of the last 100 episodes. They talk about how far they have come in two short years and share some funny bloopers they have had along the way.  The podcast team reviews some pretty great stats about the group and all the great topics they have covered.   They are all looking forward to the next 100 episodes where they can showcase more countries in the destination series, discuss more horsey topics and meet new guests and adventuresses to make sure to keep you entertained and provide you all with the information you need to go out on your next equestrian adventure.

100 podcast episodes and counting

When Ute, Krystal and I sat down in July of 2020 in a world filled with uncertainty using words like new normal, unprecedented, quarantines, we wanted to bring excitement to our listeners. We started with a list of topics we thought you would enjoying listening to. From there the list continued to grow. We introduced the destination series, where we have covered around 20 different countries/destinations you can have horsey adventure in. The EQA Book Club has given us opportunities to meet new authors, talk about horsey books and share some fantastic stories from our own equestrian adventuresses series. The Ask Your Vet and Nutrition series in which we talked with experts about horse health and nutrition. And now finally our Horse Breeds Around the World in which we introduce cool horse breeds from all around the world and talk about different horse cultures associated with them. And that is definitely not all, there is still many more exiting new things to come and to look forward to in our next 100 episodes!

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Your Hosts today:

Heather (Canada) Ute (India) Krystal (USA)

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  • Bloopers of the last 100 episodes
  • How we have grown
  • Some pretty amazing stats
  • What’s coming in the future

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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