Ten Horse Movies You’ve Never Watched

Ten epic horse movies and film series on Amazon Prime that inspire your next real-life equestrian adventure

If you’ve got maddening wanderlust during this global pandemic, why not travel the world on horseback by film? We’ve gathered together ten epic horse movies and film series available on Amazon Prime! These will have you scheming your next real-life equestrian adventure as soon as you press play. More of a bookworm? Check out our ten-book roundup of great horse books for adults. Are you finally ready to embark on your adventure? Be sure to join our awesome Facebook group. There you’ll get inspired and informed by like-minded women equestrian adventuresses around the world.

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From the story of a family who sets out to heal their autistic son through the horse culture of Mongolia to the feel-good fictional classic of the beloved “Black Stallion”. This list of horse movies will be sure to inspire and uplift you. For even more exciting equestrian stories, be sure to check out the EQA podcast series!

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1. Horse Film Series: Riding Across Ireland

This is a great place to start your horsey film binge. The series documents the incredible experiences of Equestrian Adventuresses founder Krystal Kelly and her husband Christian. They decided to ride from the south to the north of Ireland with their two horses. Because they took along nothing but a few basic belongings, they had to rely on the kindness of strangers to help them along their journey. Join their ride through the beautiful Irish countryside, and learn about the history and culture of Ireland from horseback.

2. Horse Movie: True Appaloosa

Horse breeder Scott Engstrom has been trying for years to prove that the Appaloosa came from Asia and not Spain. With only 109 true Appaloosas left in the world, the question is vital. After spotting a horse uncannily like an Appaloosa on a TV show filmed in Kyrgyzstan, the fiery 69-year-old heads for the remote mountains and plains of central Asia. So join forces with Engstrom and documentary-maker Conor Woodman as they set out. Will they find what may be the “true Appaloosa” on the steppes of central Asia.

These amazing horse movies will give you the travel bug as soon as you press play

3. One of the Really Adventurous Horse Movies: Unbranded

Revel in the unbranded, unbridled spirit of the American West as you follow the epic journey of four men and sixteen mustangs. The goal is to inspire the adoption of the 50,000 wild horses and burros currently under government management. So these gutsy guys set out to tame, train, and then ride a string of mustangs from Mexico to Canada. What follows is not only a visually-stunning tribute to the western spirit, but a journey of self-discovery.

4. Horse Movie: The Horse Boy

In an intensely personal and epic spiritual journey, this documentary follows one couple and their autistic son as they trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia in an attempt to find healing for him. A deeply stirring account of a family’s commitment to go to the ends of the Earth to reconnect with each other and is therefore a testament to the power of animals as companions in our human struggles. The film cameos Temple Grandin, well-known autism advocate and animal behaviorist.

5. One of Our Favorite Horse Movies: Hidalgo

A classic of epic riding adventures, Hidalgo is based on the legend of American cowboy Frank Hopkins, who rides his mustang in a treacherous long-distance horse race against Bedouins riding pure-blooded Arabians. What the film lacks in historical rigor, it makes up for in an appealing “odd man out” story of triumph, self-discovery, and cultural interaction. Get ready for sandstorms, Beduoin raids, Arabian princesses, and pounding hooves. In conclusion, this is one of our favorite horse movies of all time.

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6. Horse Movies: The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion Returns

Enjoy Francis Ford Coppola’s epic movie take on Walter Farley’s classic tale of the bond between a boy and his black Arabian stallion. Filled with shipwreck, intrigue, desert horse races and exotic locales, this is the story of the most famous fictional horse in the world. If you lived the books as a child, for instance, relive the magic in movie form.  

Make sure you enjoy at least one of our most favorite horse movies, for example - The Black Stallion Returns

7. Horse Movie: Tails of Iceland

After that, this beautiful portrait captures the differing and varied special relationships between the Icelandic people and their unusual horses. Set against the stunning backdrop of Iceland, the film explores some of the modern-day stories and history of the amazing Icelandic horse through the eyes of those that love them best.

8. Horse Movie: Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart

This is the story of Las Azaleas, a team of first-generation Mexican American horsewomen on a two-year journey to represent the United States at the National Charro Championships in Mexico. So join this special group of females riders steeped in cultural pride, family honor, and a tradition of daredevil riding. 

9. Horse Movie: All the Wild Horses

A thrilling documentary about the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world. Join 40 international riders and 1000 semi-wild horses as they partake in a grueling 1000 km adventure across the Mongolian steppe. Riders will be tested by the elements, physical exhaustion, and the dynamic, ancient relationship between man and horse.

Watch one of these 10 horse movies and you surely will be inspired to get out there as well and have an adventure

10. Horse Film Series: Equestrian Adventuresses

In this series, founder of Equestrian Adventuresses Krystal Kelly travels the world on horseback sharing empowering women’s stories along the way. So explore with her hidden destinations, and learn about their history and culture from the back of a horse. This horse series will take you to exotic countries and destinations and inspire and empower women and girls of all ages to follow their dreams.

Did We Miss any Horse Movies?

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If you liked our take on horse movies, be sure to check out our horse books list for even more equestrian inspiration. Don’t forget to share your favorite movies and books from our lists in the Equestrian Adventuresses Facebook group!

Ten epic horse movies and film series on Amazon Prime that inspire you as soon as you press play
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