Horse Podcast Ep 103: Travel Hell To Travel Well

Today’s episode is all about staying healthy while you set out on your adventures.  Travelling can be very stressful on your mind and body, in todays podcast Heather is sharing some insights and tips on avoiding Travel Hell and staying Travel well.  From the time to get on the airplane until you return home, there a few things you can do to keep yourself well. Balancing jet lag, getting better sleep in new places, eating smart, getting some exercise will all lead to staying well.

“When you have your health, anything is possible… If you don’t have your health, nothing matters.” (Augusten Burroughs)

Staying Healthy while you travel

As you journey begins here are few simple steps. Balance jet lag, Sleep better, eat smart, exercise, and Stay well, that is our goal. Planning ahead, getting yourself into that preventive midset with will great benefit you. Having those go to items from the get go will get your trip off to a great start.

On the plane you will want to make sure you have your noise cancelling headphones and an extra bottle of water to keep you hydrated. A trick to avoiding jet lag is to time zone update right away. Set your watch to the destination time zone you will be arriving in, it gets you in the mind sense. Drink lots of water on the plane, dehydration is the major component of jet lag. Stay awake until 9pm the first 2 night, do whatever you can to stay awake, coffee, exercise eating… it will get your internal clock sorted out much quicker. If possible upon arrival get outside and find some grass or earth stretch your toes. This will help your body sync to the time zone and discharge electrons built up from the airplane. And it feels great!

When you feel sick, act early. It is a good idea of always keeping a sample of pain relievers, motion sickness pills, anti nausea and diarrhea medication with you at all times. You never know when you will need it and it is no good to you back in the room if you are a 1hr ride away. Avoiding foods that may trigger bouts of sickness is also recommended. Visiting a local pharmacist can provide guidance, however if in doubt you should seek medical treatment from a doctor.

Reduce stress where possible… Your body wants to be healthy, we just need to help it as much as possible. So don’t forget, #1 when you start feeling sick, act quickly, #2 time zoning to avoid jet lag, #3 Make your hotel room homey and dark as possible so you get that melatonin reset.

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Heather (Canada)

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  • Avoiding Jet Lag
  • Time Zoning
  • Medicines you should always have on your person
  • What do you if you feel sick

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