Horse Podcast Ep 108: Emotional Coaching with Horses in India

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 108 - Emotional Coaching with Horses in India

On today’s episode Ute talks with Charlotte Kingsman Chaudhary, a British woman married to an India and living near Delhi. Together with her husband, Charlotte has built up a Horsemanship Center in Gurgaon where they train horses and riders in a more natural approach to horses and horse riding. Charlotte is also a personal coach helping people to master their emotions and get better in their communication or in anger management. Her speciality: She does emotional coaching with horses! So, have a listen as we talk about how horses can bring out our emotion and subsequently help us with our body language. Moreover we talk a lot about horses and horse culture in India and how it is to live and work in this country. And in the end, both of us have a great idea which might turn into reality one day!

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Emotional Coaching with Horses! A new way of improving our communication, body language and mental health!

Our Guest today:

Charlotte Kingsman Chaudhary (India)

Expat, entrepreneuse and horsewoman from England who grew up in France and is now married and settled in India. Charlotte and her husband Manjeev have studied under Monty Roberts and today operate the first Monty Roberts Horsemanship Center in India. Both of them love polo and subsequently Charlotte’s dream is to train a Marwari horse to play.

Charlotte’s Website

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  • How to get your husband on horseback
  • Living and riding horses in India
  • How horses can help us with our communication
  • Horses & anger management

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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