Horse Podcast Ep 110: Horse Adventures in Ireland!

Today’s episode is about all the horse adventures in Ireland you can have while visiting. We would also like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with all our Irish friends and family. Heather speaks with Susan Oakes, one of our Irish Adventuresses about horse adventures in Ireland. Your first adventure could be a Fox Hunt where you can experience a live or a drag hunt? Imagine galloping on a beautiful Connemara horse over fences, ditches and walls. Wouldn’t that be great. A horse adventure in Ireland would not be complete without an amazing beach gallop. Did you know Ireland has dedicated some of the beaches for galloping and why not do it on one of their magnificent Irish Cobs. And no horse adventure in Ireland would be complete without a trip to the pub, for a pint of Guinness, a Hot Whiskey and a bowl of Irish stew.

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Horse Adventures in Ireland – Hunting

There are so many option for horse adventures in Ireland. Where should we start? Hunting is a sport that draws many to Ireland. Now depending where you are the terrain and obstacles will vary. If you are on the west coast you may see more ditches to jump versus the east coast where you will have more fences and walls to clear. Either way you will have a grand day of hunting with your steady mount. Perhaps a Connemara, or an Irish Cob?

Horse Adventures in Ireland – Beach Galloping

Imagine the surf rolling in while you gallop along a sandy beach, splashing and laughing while your trusty Irish mount glides along the sand. There are miles and miles of open beach which is ideal for a horse adventure in Ireland.

Horse Adventures in Ireland – Visit the Irish National Stud Farm

Horse racing in Ireland has produced equine royalty. The Irish National Stud Farm is the beating heart of the horse racing industry in Ireland. Guided Tour are available. There you have the opportunity to visit the foaling unit, where you might just get the chance to see the first steps of a future champion. The best time to visit is between February and April. There is horse museum where you will learn all about the love affair the Irish have with their equine partners.

Horse Adventures in Ireland – Less the Horse

Now a trip to Ireland would not be complete with a trip to the Guinness factory in Dublin for a pint and a stop in the pub for a bowl of Irish stew. If you are in the north, touring the Titanic museum in Belfast is worth the stop. Or perhaps kissing the Blarney Stone or visiting the Cliffs of Mohor. There are so many great places to visit while having a horse adventure in Ireland with or without a horse.

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Heather (Canada)

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  • Hunting with the Hounds in Ireland
  • Horse Racing in Ireland
  • Adventures for b both Horses and non riders
  • Don’t forget the Guinness

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