Horse Podcast Ep 111: Long Distance Riding Passion – Crossing Europe on Horseback

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 111 - Trail Riding Passion

In today’s episode, Ute talks with Cathleen Leonard, Equestrian Adventuress and long distance rider from England. Cathleen has traveled across Great Britain and Ireland with her two rescue draft horses, her Warmblood cross and her dog. She tells us all about her difficult beginnings, how she nearly gave up on long distance riding and how she finally succeeded in realizing her dream of doing an epic ride from Scotland to Cornwall. Today Cathleen is an experienced long-distance rider and has written and published two books about her journeys.

However, her biggest adventure is yet to come: Crossing Europe from West to East on Horseback, riding from Portugal to Romania with horses horses, her dog, her partner and a little, one-eyed mule. Currently marooned in Portugal due to the Corona lockdown, she is not deterred and has done a ride cross Portugal in autumn and winter and now hopes to set out towards Romania this spring.

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Long Distance Riding – Only Something for the truly passionate Riders!

Our Guests today:

Cathleen Leonard (England)

An Equestrian Adventuress and Long-Distance rider from England who has done epic journeys on the back of her two rescued French draft horses and her Warmblood cross together with her Czech Wolfdog Inuit cross Spirit. She loves playing the fiddle and has written and published two books about her epic rides: Before Winter Comes & Fiddler on the Hoof.

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  • How to get started in long-distance riding
  • What not to do
  • Writing a book about your journey & getting it published
  • What to do when Corona destroys all your plans

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