Horse Podcast Ep 114: How to Be A Trick Rider!

How to be a trick rider is the theme of today’s episode. Heather speaks with Sally Bishop a fellow adventuress who has earned her stripes through trick riding and now on to stunt work in the movies. Sally learned her skills while growing up in the wild west business that her family-owned. Learning how to be a trick rider was no easy feat, many bumps, and bruises occurred during her training. Sally is now an accomplished Trick rider, Roman rider, and Stunt woman for TV and Movies. Her career began because she learned how to be a trick rider while working with her family business, a wild west show. Sally’s work can be found in Tv series such as Heartland a Canadian favorite, and the new film, Let Him Go, with Kevin Costner. Please share with your friends so they won’t miss out.

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How to Be a Trick Rider – Training

Trick riding is no easy task to take on. Learning the skills required can take a long time, and many bumps and bruises will occur. Have strong gymnastic skills, great balance and core strength as a few of the talents you must posses. Martial art training is also a great skill to have as you will be familiar with hitting the ground.

How to Be a Trick Rider – Horses

There a few types of horses that make good trick riding mates. The big strong ones have the ability and strength to help balance you as you are standing on the or hanging off the back or side. However the smaller shorter ones are a little easier to hop on and off while doing vaulting tricks.

How to Be a Trick Rider- Stunt Rider

Sally was fortunate to have a very extensive trick riding career before she entered the stunt riding world. She did however still need to prove her skill and talent. Many times she would be hired to do a specific stunt only to have practiced and upon arrival on set the stunt had now changed to something quite different. From having to leap over a horse or ride a bronc Sally has done it. Sally has been in the business for over 20 years and her resume not only has horse stunts included. She most recently did stunt work in a kevin Costner film, Let him go as well she has worked on Handmaid’s Tale, Heartland and the new GhostBuster movie .

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Sally Bishop (Canada)

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  • Bumps and Bruises from Trick riding
  • Doubling actresses
  • Gymnastic and Martial art skills
  • Wild West Shows

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