Horse Podcast Ep 119: Unicorns – Celebrate National Unicorn Day!

Unicorns are the spirit animal of most equestrians! Today we celebrate National Unicorns day. This episode explains the magic, mystery and symbolism that make them so special. Unicorns are legendary creatures that have been described as a horse-like animal with a single large, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. Unicorns have grabbed the imagination of people far and wide.  Many different cultures envision the unicorn in many ways. The Greeks and Persians gave the unicorns the symbolism and meaning of mysticism and magic. Britain’s coat of arms features the Unicorn symbol as harmonious sovereignty. The podcast continues with stories of Unicorn dreams, spirit animals, and even tattoos.

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Unicorns – Spirit Animal

In today’s era I believe that everyone is looking for a greater cause and unicorns bring that magic or mythicalism that we want. As a spirit animal unicorns allow us to believe that they can be our divine guides in a spiritual sense. We all want to believe what the unicorn symbolizes which is innocence, purity and magic. Your spirit animal will often come to you when you are going through trying times when you need motivation and encouragement to feed your soul.

Unicorns – Mythology

Mythology tells us many different stories about Unicorn. Some say that these magicals beasts are sons of dragons, that represent long life, happiness and prosperity. Stories told from that Far East say a unicorn represents a positive sign that precede a birth of an admiral ruler. Feng Shui regard unicorns as a symbol of joy, wisdom and longevity. Practitioners believe that any images of unicorns should face the back door where he can listen to people’s songs.

Unicorns- Dreams

When one dreams of a unicorn it is like you are meeting these mystical, magical creatures on a spiritual plane. They are known to be a protector and guide. Unicorns often use dreams to pass on messages when a person is feeling uncertain. It has been said that if you see one in a dream or during meditation they are providing healing. Unicorns in a dream shows us that we are all on this planet to express and understand divine love in our own way.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalUnicornDay

There are serval ways to celebrate this fun day. Try these fun ideas:

  • Make some brightly colored pancakes or cupcakes.  Decorate them with multicolored sprinkles or glitter.
  • Bake cookies in the shape of unicorns.
  • Watch a favorite movie including unicorns.
  • Draw a picture of a unicorn or write a story about one.
  • Read your favorite fantasy novel featuring unicorns.

Your Hosts today:

Heather (Canada)

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  • Unicorn Tattoos
  • Spirit Animals
  • Mythology and folklore

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

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