Horse Podcast Ep 122: Saddlebags – What to Pack for a Day Ride

Saddlebags, what to pack? If you have been wondering what you need for a day’s ride, you are at the right place.  Today’s episode is all about Saddlebags and what to pack in them. Saddlebags come in many styles, for both English and Western-style saddles.  The first style is a smaller one that attaches over the horn of a western saddle or attached to the small rings at the front of an English saddle.  The second is the larger style that sits at the back saddle. Both are very functional styles of saddlebags, depending on what you are looking to travel with. Listen while I share some tips on what to pack in each style of saddlebag for both you and your horse. Please share with your friends so they won’t miss out.

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Saddlebags – Different Styles

Saddlebags really do come in a variety of styles for both English and Western Saddles. You have the front style which attaches over the horn or the can be clipped to the small rings at the front of an English saddle. These tend to be smaller pockets to keep items that you will need to access more frequently. The larger style bag that sits behind the saddle is used for times you won’t need to access it while riding. Be sure to check the fit of the larger-style saddlebags to ensure they are not rubbing anywhere while you are riding. Depending on the speed you will be traveling will determine just how much you can pack.

Saddlebags – What to Pack for You

When going out for a day ride you don’t need to pack a lot, as you won’t need camping gear. However, there are few items that you should always have with you while out on a ride. A drink is always a good idea, a bottle of water with a secure lid will keep you hydrated. Snacks, like a granola bar that even if they get squished are still tasty. Lip chap to protect your lips, sunscreen to protect your skin, and bug spray. Warm gloves for a cool day or poor weather. And most importantly have a rain jacket or slicker attached to the back of your saddle. Murphy’s law if you have it you won’t need it. But if you forget it you will get wet.

Most importantly carry what you can’t afford to lose on your person. Cell phone, car keys, and medication if necessary. You never know when you and your horse may get separated. Fanny packs are becoming very popular now and take up very little space so pop those valuable items and away you go.

Saddlebags – What to pack for your Horse

You just never know what you might encounter while out on the trail with your horse, so these are a few good items to always have in your saddlebag for your horse. A hoof pick, to check for stones or to use to pull a shoe that is coming off. An extra lead rode, or twine, you never know when you might need to tie your horse or have a rein break. A few first aid items that are easy to carry in your saddlebags include vet wrap, maxi pads, or liners work like a horse-size band-aid.

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  • Horse Size Bandaids
  • Large and small saddlebags
  • Drinks with a lid
  • Bluetooth speaker to keep Bears away

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