Horse Podcast Ep 124: Horse Nomads – How to Publish Books While Traveling on Horseback

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 124 - EQA Book Club

If you love books, this is the perfect place for you. Once a month, Heather, Ute, and sometimes Krystal, will talk about their favorite horsey book. In the April episode of the EQA Book Club, Heather and Ute interview Krystal about the upcoming launch of Book Five of the EQA Book Series. She will give you an exclusive sneak-peak of the different stories but also talk about what is the technical process behind self-publishing books on Amazon & Co. So if you have always wanted to self-publish your book, this is your chance to learn all about it!

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Horse Nomads – Book 5 of the Equestrian Adventuresses Book Series

Collected and published by Krystal Kelly

Finally, the 5th book of the EQA book series is about to be launched with five super cool stories featuring women from all around the world! Whether it is about riding horses in Lesotho or India or opening a yard on a Greek Island where horse riding is all male-dominated, all stories are packed with adventures and challenges. It is the perfect way to endure the -hopefully- last few months of lockdown and Covid-19 Travel Restriction and it will transport you to the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, the ruggedness of the Kingdom in the Sky Lesotho, or let you enjoy the world looking through the lyre-shaped ears of the Indian Marwari horses.

Horse Nomads will be launched in April 2021 and for an exclusive sneak-peak, listen to today’s podcast episode!

All books of the EQA book series are available as e-book, paperback and soon all will be available as audiobooks as well.

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  • Process of self-publishing a book
  • Importance of the cover
  • Recording audiobooks
  • Exclusive Sneak-peak of the new book

Thank you for tuning in and happy trails!

Special Announcement

Do you love to read or listen to horsey books and stories? Then you should have a look at our EQA Book Series, now available as paperbacks, e-books, and audiobooks.

Four books, packed with exciting true-life stories written by women from all around the world about the adventures they had with horses!

Follow a vet on her adventures in the Namibian Bush, an ex-pat winning a showjumping medal in Italy, a British family with two toddlers crossing Patagonia on horseback, or a German girl finding her dream horse on an Indian horse market.

Grab your books and audiobooks now! Incredible true stories of horse riding travel adventures around the world.

Do you feel that we are missing out on an important topic? Or maybe you have an interesting story to tell? Contact Heather or Ute!


Thanks for listening to our EQA Book Club Episode: Launching Book Five of the EQA Series!

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2 thoughts on “Horse Podcast Ep 124: Horse Nomads – How to Publish Books While Traveling on Horseback

  1. Hello Len,
    All of the books are available on Amazon. The complete list of books we published can be found here: https://equestrianadventuresses.com/horse-travel-books-and-films
    We will announce when we publish the new book so you can read the story about the Marwari horses in India as soon as possible.
    Additionally, there are 2 other stories about Marwari horses in Book 2 “Going the Distance” and Book 3 “Leg Up”. The story about the family horseback trek in Patagonia can be found in Book 2 “Going the Distance”. To make it easier, here is the link to Book 2: https://amzn.to/3aPwt6p

  2. I am very interested in the story about the Marwari horses in India, also the family horse back trek across Patagonia. I would like to purchase the paper back book , when available.

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