Horse Podcast Ep 141: Travel Insurance – What To Do If You Get Hurt

Travel insurance, your best friend when traveling internationally. Today’s episode is all about what to do if you get hurt while traveling. Krystal, Ute, and Heather discuss the importance of travel insurance in a unique episode that they recorded partially live. They share experiences of themselves getting hurt, as well as the clients that were hurt on safari and how insurance saved the day. Travel insurance is one of the most important pieces of travel documents you can have, besides your passport. This episode gives some tips on where to keep your insurance information and who you should be sharing the information with.

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Travel Insurance

If you need an ambulance please call it. That was the advice my insurance agent told me when I purchased medical travel insurance when I was going to Spain. YOu just never know when something might happen that you need to visit a Dr or the hospital. YOu can purchase medical travel insurance at most banks, AAA, your travel agent even some credit
cards have this coverage. For as little as $50.00 you can be covered. The USA has one of the most expensive health care systems in the world. A broken leg can cost you up to $100,000. The rates will be based on your age, pre-existing health conditions and the length of time you will be away from your home country.

Travel Insurnace – What to do with it

Now that you boughten your insurance what do you do with it? Most tour suppliers will want to know if you have coverage. They will keep this information on file in the event that you need to use it. It is always a good idea to take a picture of the policy number and the telephone number which will be toll-free for the insurance provider. I like to keep a small card with this info in my wallet as well I always make sure to tell the other riders that I have it just in case. In the event you need to use the insurance at your earliest convenience let the hospital or medical provider know. There ae some countries that you will go to the better hospital if you have coverage. Then next step will be to notify the insurance provider that you are in need of their help.

Your Hosts today:

Ute (India) Heather (Canada) Krystal (Germany)

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  • Out of country medical coverage
  • Rescue Helicopters of Buthan
  • Call the ambulance if you need it.
  • Check what is covered under your policy and limits

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