Horse Podcast Ep 146: Where to Next? Horse Destination Scotland!

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 146 - Where to Next? Horse Destination Scotland

Today we are visiting Scotland, Land of Glens, Lochs and Castles! Scotland is horse country with four native horse and pony breeds and plenty of great trail riding countryside. Besides horse riding Scotland offers a lot of other activities, sightseeing and fun for the whole family. Visiting vibrant Edinburgh, driving through the rugged and beautiful Highlands or touring the Western Isles, adventures can be found everywhere. Ever since Braveheart or the Outlander Series, Scotland is on the bucket list of many and it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime destination. For horse riders, the Cairngorm100 endurance ride is a prime event, also called Europe’s Tevis Cup and the Outlander Trail Ride allows you to follow in the footprints of Claire and Jamie.

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Scotland – Land of Glens, Lochs & Castles

Occupying the northern third of Great Britain, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It contains the UK’s highest mountain, its last true wilderness, a stunning 18000-km long coastline (counting the islands) and the UK’s only herd of wild reindeer.

Horse Riding is organised in the Highlands, the Cairngorms National Park, on the Northern and Western Isles and also in the Lowlands, close to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Ute (India) Heather (Canada)

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  • Geography & History of Scotland
  • Travel & Getting Around
  • Cairngorms National Park & Endurance Ride
  • Short & Long Horse Riding Holidays in Scotland

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