Horse Podcast Ep 155: Where to Next? Horse Destination Belgium!

Equestrian Adventuresses Travel and Horse Podcast Ep 155 - Horse Destination Belgium

Our destination today is a small country in Western Europe which is not usually one of the major horse riding destinations or even an obvious choice for people looking for their next holiday destination. And that is a pity as Belgium has it all, picturesque little towns, lovely countryside for long rides, towering castles and a beautiful coast perfect for beach rides. On top of all that, Belgium is a horse country dotted with stables, trail outfitters and horse lovers. From the mighty Brabant or Belgian Draft Horse to the sporty Zangersheide or Belgian Sport Horse, you will find horses everywhere! So, if you are looking for a lesser known yet definitely super interesting horse riding holiday destination, listen to today’s episode!

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Belgium – Chocolate, Beer & Horses

Situated in Western Europe, Belgium is a small country squeezed between the Netherlands, Germany and France and divided by a firm linguistic border into a Flemish-speaking North and a French-speaking South.

Flanders, the North, is a flat countryside dotted with villages, farmsteads and quaint, medieval towns which all come with churches, cobblestone roads, canals and stone bridges. The 65 km long coast is dotted with resort towns, sandy beaches and dunes, well suited for beach rides and water sports. And if you want to get immersed in the history of the First World War, you can visit the Flanders Fields and the town of Ypres where the Western Front and the war of the trenches took place.

Wallonia and the Ardennes Forest is the Southern Part of Belgium, hilly and covered with forest. The people here speak French and it is famous for its many castles, caves and outdoor activities. Whether you want to ride, camp, hike, canoe or ski, all is possible in the Ardennes and it is a wonderful area with spectacular scenery where nature is at its best. Wallonia has its share of battle fields from Waterloo to the Second World War, but it is also a region of natural beauty which is best discovered on horseback.

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On the Show today:

Ute (India) Heather (Canada)

Your Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast Hosts and seasoned travellers!

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  • The strange country that is Belgium
  • Food & Chocolate
  • Travel & Getting Around
  • Flanders and the North
  • Wallonia and the Ardennes

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